Welcome to my violin making workshop in Strasbourg. This is where I make and restore bow stringed instruments and their bows. Whatever you need for the instruments you have or want to have, I am here to answer your enquiries.

Violin workshop in Strasbourg
The atelier at work

Violin workshop in Strasbourg

Welcome to my atelier specialised in violin family instruments. Here I make and restore violins, violas, cellos, and their bows.

Violin workshop in Strasbourg at your service
A handmade savoir-faire at your service

Discover the atelier and the staff

If you want to know more about the shop and the staff, you can learn about us here.

A physical and online shop

If you are looking for an instrument or any accessories, I probably have what you need. You can arrange an appointment with me or order directly on my online store.

And if you are interested in good deals, check out what is on sale.

Tour of my violin workshop in Strasbourg

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to organise a group tour of the atelier.


What is going on in a violin workshop?

Making instruments and bows

Making violins, violas, and cellos is the core of my job. That is why I offer custom-made instruments.

Moreover, I can also design custom-made bows.


Rent violins, violas, and cellos

The rental offers allow you to play on an instrument that performs well without costing too much.

Why should you choose these offers?

  • First of all, you have access to high-quality instruments, setup and fitted in my workshop and supplied with all the accessories you need.
  • I offer continued maintenance that allows you to save money (servicing, free restring and rehair every year)
  • Thanks to my rent/sale system, your monthly payment will never be wasted and you will be able to buy your own instrument more easily

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Rent a violin

Violin rental


Rent a viola

Viola rental


Rent a cello

Cello rental



Restoration & repair

Your instrument is in a sorry condition? Do not worry, I can fix its problems.

You can find more about the costs and other information according to your instrument:
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Repair and restore your violin at my workshop in Strasbourg


Repair and restore your viola at my workshop in Strasbourg


Repair and restore your cello at my workshop in Strasbourg



Instrument maintenance, care and adjustment

Making the most of your instrument implies regular maintenance and adjustment. I offer several options to make the best of your violin, viola, or cello.

To know more about these, contact me.

Bow maintenance and rehair

Your bow needs a rehair? No problem, I can deal with that too. You can either stop at the shop or send me your bow.

To get more information, check out this page: Bow maintenance and rehair

Sell your instrument

You want to entrust your instrument to a new owner? Go on this page to find out how to sell your instrument and how much you can get from it.


Arrange an appointment at my violin workshop in Strasbourg

You can come to my shop easily thanks to the Strasbourg public transportation. However, even if will be here for you at any time, I cannot let you in without an appointment.

To arrange a meeting, you can call me, send me a message, or use any other way you can find on my contact page.