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Writing the pages of the site, the blog and the store takes a lot of time. She spills a lot of digital ink on my keyboard pen. This is why it is statistically unavoidable that mistakes are made in articles, especially when it comes to translation. To tell the truth, I am not the son of Bescherelle and Larousse (the most famous books for learning the language in France)… And since some of you are very loyal readers and fine literary people who speak native English: I thought I would involve you in the correction by rewarding you for your work! That’s why I’m on the hunt for spelling and typing errors, typos and other grammatical approximations.


The hunt for the mistakes I left on the pages
The hunt for mistakes that I may have forgotten as the pages went by


Rewarding proofreaders

All work deserves its reward. Therefore, to thank the many readers for helping me to improve the quality of my articles. I propose to organize a hunt for spelling mistakes, typos and any other aberrations that my fingers may have introduced into the lines.


The reward!

Up to 10% discount on your purchases thanks to fault-finding!

I suspect you are all anxious to see how I intend to reward your hard work. This is actually an idea that came to me from a teacher who proposed to his students to earn extra points on their papers if they could detect mistakes left on purpose in the statements. We will simply never know if it was really voluntary or if it was to never be embarrassed in front of her students or their parents…

Anyway, I propose to give bonus points in the form of discounts for each (unintentional!) mistake you find. Each correction will give you a 1% cumulative discount on your next purchase in my store. You will be able to accumulate up to 10 corrections per basket purchased, a maximum discount of 10%.


How does mistake hunting work?

1 – Read the contents and identify the mistakes

If you find mistakes in the content of the pages of the site, note the sentence and the URL with your correction.


2 – Send an e-mail containing the collected information

Then send me the information by e-mail containing your findings. Once the correction is made I will send you a one-time use coupon code. You can use it when you order online to benefit from your exclusive discount.


Mentions necessary to obtain a point

  • The word or sentence to correct
  • The address of the page or the name of the article
  • The correction of the sentence or word


3 – Make your purchase online

Select what you want from the online store, and enter your code at checkout.


There might even be some mistakes on this page, so enjoy it before they disappear!

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