The violin maker and restorer’s job is to preserve instruments inherited from a distant past. Sometimes the passing of time has left its mark on these instruments, and their condition is beyond setup and care. That’s why I offer my repair and restoration services to bring back the looks, playability, and original sound of your violin.

Violin restoration and repair
A few tools to apply varnish

The differences between repairing and restoring a violin

Violin repair

Repairing a violin is fixing a problem that has appeared over the years and affects how the instrument looks or plays. The type of repair depends on the instrument of course, but also on your budget and your timing.

Sometimes you will have to content yourself with provisional repairs. They can always be improved later.

Violin restoration

Restoring a violin is a much more painstaking process. Most of the time, it involves checking every repair the instrument has been through in order to integrate them as a whole to the restoration.


How much does repair or restoration cost?

First of all, every repair or restoration is unique. As such, every violin will have a specific and comprehensive quote.

However, the table below will give you an idea of the most current types of repairs.

Violin repair and restoration costs

Glue and varnish



Fingerboard, neck and pegbox