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Guillaume KESSLER - Exceptional violins and bows

Guillaume Kessler

As a luthier and bow maker, my passion is finding the best musical tools to unleash your artistic potential.


I’m dedicated to finding the ideal instrument for each musician in the string quartet.

  • Expertise en lutherie et archèterie
  • Instruments sélectionnés et garantis
  • Conseils avisés par un artisan expérimenté
Finding the right violin is a quest for every violinist.


Where to find a viola teacher in Strasbourg


a luthier in Guadeloupe Cello strings


Selection of Antique Instruments

Unique violins

Discover the history of each particular instrument.

Bow maker Guillaume KESSLER

Exceptional bows

Find the instrument that gives you control and velocity.

European violin and bow making

Explore the galleries of Antique, Rare and Precious Instruments

Guillaume KESSLER – Who am I?

A little background information.

16 years of experience

In violin and bow making
+ more than 3,000 customers

Around the world
Over 10 years

The blog’s existence.

Guillaume Kessler - Lutherie d'Art
Appel à tous les musiciens

Redefine your potential with the right tools

Discover the exceptional instruments that will bring out the best in your musical talent, and let me introduce them to you.