There are various reasons to sell your instrument. Maybe you need money to purchase a new one, or maybe you have stopped playing on your violin, viola, cello, or double bass. In any case, there will always be a musician for your instrument, no matter its worth, condition or quality. It may appeal to a professional musician looking for a prestigious and unique instrument to enhance their skills. Or, it may be of some use for a beginner who cannot afford expensive supplies.


How much is your violin worth?

Sceptical about your instrument’s worth? You may be surprised. Though it is unlikely that your violin bearing the “Stradivarius” label actually is one, many copies of the famous violin maker’s work are also antique. Thus, they can be worth a lot of money today. Do not let the seemingly sorry state of your instrument discourage you.


Online appraisal

If you want to sell your instrument, feel free to send me pictures so that I can estimate its worth. You can send the pictures by mail (the clearest pictures you can take). Please specify:

  • Body length: from the top block to the bottom block
  • Vibrating string length: from the top block (against the neck) to the peg holes (at the top nut)
  • Neck length: from the setting of the neck to the top nut (where the string starts buzzing)
  • Width of the high, low, and central parts of the instrument



Where should you sell your instrument?

Rather than giving away your instrument on second-hand websites, get in touch with a violin maker. A specialist can estimate the real worth of your instrument and hand it over to musicians or collectors. For any further enquiries, you can contact me by mail or phone. You can even come directly at my workshop. You cand find all my details here.



Giving away is a good solution to sell your instrument
Giving away is a good solution to sell your instrument


What I offer to sell your instrument

Direct sale

Directly selling your instrument to me is a simple solution. You get rid of your instrument, and you get money from it.

Directly selling in my workshop has several advantages:

  • You can sell your instrument no matter its condition
  • You receive money straight away


Interested in direct selling? Please keep in mind that:

  • Usually, I will buy your instrument half of its market price less the cost of repair (if needed)
  • I will accept payment by cheques only
  • You must send a copy of your ID, together with your registration to the second-hand dealer index of the workshop.


Give away

Giving away your violins, violas, cellos, double basses, and bows at my workshop guarantees you will get the best price for your instrument. However, I cannot guarantee precisely when you will get your receipt.

Giving away at my workshop has several advantages:

  • You make sure to sell your instrument at the best price. Unlike direct selling or second-hand offering on any other non-specialised website (eBay…), with my estimation and guarantees your violin, viola, or cello will be sold for what it is really worth.
  • I take a commission of only 10 to 20% according to the worth of the instrument.
  • Your instrument will benefit from other musicians also trying to fulfil their dreams – which may be yours too.
  • When giving away your instrument, you will benefit from the insurance of the workshop


Second-hand instruments must comply to the same requirements as the other instruments sold at the workshop. Hence instruments that are damaged, cracked or unplayable will be refused. For your instrument to be accepted, you need to:

  • Make sure the instrument matches the requirements of the workshop, which means they are well setup and in a good shape. Full servicing and cleaning would increase their selling chances as well.
  • Sign a secondhand give away contract. It will be made with a copy, and will stipulate the amount and the margin.
  • Give a copy of your ID
  • Register to the second-hand dealer index of the workshop


Trade in your instrument

You can only trade in if you want to purchase another instrument from my workshop, and that the worth of this instrument is higher than that of your current instrument. Then there are two options:

  • If the instrument has been bought at the workshop (you must show the invoice): the instrument will be bought at its market price, provided that it has been well maintained and not damaged. In this case, the repair costs will be deducted from the price I offered (only if it is an antique instrument: modern instruments will be subjected to a reduction depending on the date of purchase).
  • If the instrument has not been bought at the workshop: it will be a direct selling.