First of, welcome to my website. I’m Guillaume Kessler and since 2008, I work as a violin-maker and restorer. Before anything else, know that as a luthier, I make and restore various instruments from the violin family – that is violins, violas, and cellos. This is just one of the many aspects of violin-making that I want to share with you, so that you have a better understanding of what I do in my workshop, Guillaume Kessler – Lutherie d’Art.


Guillaume Kessler - Lutherie d'Art


I have helped over 894 musicians of all levels and all ages from at least 27 countries.



Every year, the online exposure of arts and crafts grows stronger than that of the online stores.



I’m very open to new technologies, innovations and new materials, especially customised products.


My commitment

When I created my company I wanted above all to bring concrete solutions to musicians. In addition, I was eager to provide quality services even in the most isolated places. My idea was that, with my knowledge and curiosity, I could help violinists, violists and cellists even though there were great distances between us.

At first, working on the internet was not even an option. I come from the traditional violin-making school, and the Internet was said to be killing our business. Despite this, I decided to challenge the principles that were instilled in me in 2017, not without some skepticism as I launched my mostly online business. Since then, I can only realise that the Internet was far from being a threat – it actually is a precious and underrated tool for craftsmen.

Now I look back to the people I was able to reach out despite being so far apart, and I’m sure of one thing – it was a brilliant idea. I can even share secrets with you that would usually stay locked inside my workshop.

That is why I’d like to thank you all for your continued support.





About my workshop

When I speak of artistic lutherie, it is above all because I want to offer instruments, services and advice that have a soul. This is why I called my company Lutherie d’Art, because I always want to go further in the improvement.

The heart of my job is first of all to offer you a fully customized service. That’s why, through careful listening, I will describe to you exactly what I would do if I were in your shoes. I take into account your needs, your desires, but also your budget.

The most important is to give you the best personalised answers, and I need to be close to you. This is possible through my blog and social media where I share my advice. I also invite you to contact me or even to visit me in my workshop in Strasbourg.

I had to make sure I can reach out to you wherever you are. That is why I have set up a secure and insured transport system for the instruments I take care of. This includes shipping but also returns.



Lutherie d’Art team

Guillaume Kessler

Violin-maker & entrepreneur

Erica HyoWon Jang

International consultant & artist-in-residence

Eunah Kim

Violin-maker & restorer


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