In addition to classic violin making, I also accept special commissions for violins, violas and cellos. This page contains everything you need to know if you’re interested in ordering a custom instrument. 

A custom-made violin from a violin maker
A custom, luthier-made violin


Our philosophy

My philosophy behind custom designs is twofold: create an instrument that is just as unique as its owner and adapt it to his or her specific needs.

Perfection is the driving force behind my work. I do not make any compromises when it comes to the design of each custom instrument. From the rigorous selection of the wood to the final setup to the final varnish, I do it all myself to ensure top quality designs.

With each custom instrument my goal is to include details that reflect its owner. It’s important for me to create a connection between the instrument and the musician that will grow and develop with time. During the creation process, I need to work with the musician, and, if possible, get to know them personally. This allows me to capture the essence of his or her playing style. It also makes it possible for me to create an instrument that will become an extension of the musician’s spirit.


Some of my custom-made instruments

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Order a custom instrument here

We ask for a 33% deposit upfront. The remaining balance will be due when the instrument is finished.


Designing a custom-made instrument

My instruments are artisan works made using traditional methods. With the help of various tools, all the pieces of wood that make up the instrument are sculpted by hand and assembled with warm glue. This respects traditional violin-making methods that have been in practice for more than 500 years.


As for the violins, violas, and cellos, my work takes its inspiration from the masters of Cremona’s golden period (i.e. Antonio Stradivari, Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, or Carlo Bergonzi). I try to capture the spirit of these famous violin makers while leaving space to express my own unique style.

However, with custom orders, I can create any model that you wish, whether that be an adaptation of a specific style of violin or even a copy.


Custom designs

The main idea behind custom instruments is that it is perfectly tailored to your body. Depending on the choices that are made during the process of creation, this piece of wood can ultimately transform and enter into a world of sound that resonates with your own.

Additionally, it is always preferable (and more ethical) to commission a from-scratch custom design as opposed to deciding to irreversibly modify a cherished instrument


A collaborative work

When working with me, you will be an integral part of your custom instrument’s design process. To begin, we will decide together what kind of instrument you’d like to order. Next, your input will be invaluable to me every step of the way. You can choose which materials and accessories are put into the design. Also, don’t worry if you are still not entirely sure about what you want! I will be there to guide you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have about your custom instrument.