In addition to the regular violin making I carry out in my workshop, I also take commissions for violins, violas, or cellos. You will find all the information about custom-made instruments on this page.

A custom-made violin from a violin maker
A custom-made violin from a violin maker



I want to create pieces that are as unique as their players are – pieces that fit them and their needs.

I believe that perfection is the key. Be it in the choice of the wood, of the varnish, and until the final setup, I leave nothing to chance. Hence I make every step myself to ensure full control on the quality of my work.

I want the instrument I create to have a little something to it, a little something that is directly linked to the player. To create that little something, I want to build a unique connection between the instrument and the musician. This connection shall grow and become deeper. During this process, I need to work with the musician, and, if possible, to get to know them personally. This way I can encapsulate the style of the player and put it into an instrument that will echo with their heart.


Some of my custom-made instruments



Commission me now

The commission will be accepted with a 33% deposit. The total amount will be paid later, before receiving the instrument.


Designing a custom-made instrument

My instruments are traditional, handmade works. Pieces of woods are carved with hand tools, then stuck together with hot setting glue, according to the methods from 500 years ago.


As for the violins, violas, and cellos, my work is based on that of the masters of Cremona’s golden period, such as Antonio Stradivari, Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, or Carlo Bergonzi. I try to capture the spirit of these famous violin makers who inspire me, but I always keep a distance, to blend in my own style.

However, a commission is a commission – I will make the piece you want, be it a rendering of a style or a copy.


Custom-made instruments

The whole point of a custom-made piece is that the instrument matches your body type. Then, step by step, the piece of wood will be designed into the sound you want to make.

Remember that having the instrument made for you is always in your interest – and more ethic than altering an antique piece in an irredeemable way.


A collaborative work

When I make your instrument, you take part in the process. First of all, so that we can agree on the project, of course. However, you also play an active part during the making. You help me choosing what tree species, outfit and accessories suit you best. All in all, rest assured. If you are not sure of what you want yet, take your time. I will be here to guide you and answer your enquiries whenever you need.