Best Violin Strings for Beginners

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The question of strings is a vibrant topic for many violinists. Indeed, they take a central place in the sound result of the instrument by implying at the same time on the timbre and the playability. This is why their meticulous choice is essential. However, there is a large number of models and brands, coming in different tensions and versions. Thus, it is likely that you will be completely lost when choosing your set of strings, especially if you do not have much experience with the different possibilities they offer. I invite you to follow this guide, which will introduce you to the best beginner strings for violin so that you can confidently choose the ones that will suit you best.

Best Violin Strings for Beginners
Here is a selection of study strings for your violin.

Best Violin Strings for Beginners

First of all, what is a beginner’s string? It is important to clarify this because this concept is often misunderstood. In fact, to keep it simple, it is a string that allows the learning of the violin and as every musician is in a perpetual process of improvement: all strings can be used as strings for beginners. However, I will limit myself to the practical side of things, referring to the learner as someone whose job is not to play the instrument and whose budget is not unlimited. That is why I find it important to identify these strings by the following characteristics:

  • Firstly, an excellent quality/price ratio that will allow you to obtain the best results with a limited budget.
  • Then, a pleasant sound, rather focused on richness and intimacy than on power.
  • Finally, excellent stability and durability.


Important point about the best beginner strings for violin

In fact, there is no ultimate string that will work without any problem in all configurations. That’s why I’m going to present you the models that I think will bring you the most satisfaction. In this case, you will have to make sure that the one you choose corresponds to what you need. I will summarize all this at the end of the article.

Thomastik Dominant - the best beginner strings for violin

Thomastik Dominant

  • Price : 48 €
  • Sound : Neutral

To start this presentation, here are the most known and used strings. First of all, these are the oldest synthetic strings and are well established at the various dealers. Therefore, they will usually be very easy to find, even in local stores.

These strings are well known for their stability and ease of play. They are also known for their stability and their timbre, which although very neutral highlights the natural vibrations of the instrument. It is this side that is an advantage and a disadvantage, because while they work well on the right instruments, they will never compensate for the character of a violin that is too bright or too dark.

To save a few euros, you also have its alternative version. All strings, except the chanterelle, are the same as the famous Dominant set. The only replacement of the E, which does not please everyone, allows to have a little more punch and response in the highs.


Pirastro Tonica Gold Label - also excellent for beginners

Pirastro Tonica Gold Label

  • Price : 37 €
  • Sound: clearer

The Gold Label version of the Tonica series is quite interesting. These strings have become popular due to their excellent value for money. They are used in many instruments and are even regularly used by professionals. They are very flexible to use and have a very good definition to the ear. As their name indicates, they bring a little tonus to the violins a little too soft.


Larsen Aurora - a great choice

Larsen Aurora

  • Price : 42 €
  • Sound: More direct and bright

The Aurora Larsen is an attempt to copy the Dominant formula, with of course some differences. They present themselves as more direct and clear, refining and sculpting the sound texture of the violin. They can be used very well on violins that lack energy.


Corelli New Crystal - The best alternative?

Corelli New Crystal

  • Price : 47 €
  • Sound : Clean and warm

The Crystals are known for the flexibility of their playing and the warmth of their tone. This makes them ideal strings to start with, especially as they soften the violins enormously. This makes all instruments that are very powerful in the ear bearable. By this I mean instruments with a very crystalline and high-pitched timbre that are frequently found in beginners’ or student instruments.

Best Violin Strings for Beginners
How to choose the best beginner strings for your violin?

The best beginner strings for violin: what to choose?

After the presentation of the best models, I will have to help you decide. That’s why here are several situations:


If your violin is balanced enough

You can opt for the Dominant without making a mistake. They will be efficient and will answer all your needs by letting the natural characteristics of the tone express itself.

If your violin is too loud and clear

In this situation, it is best to choose the Corelli New Crystal. These will round out and complexify the sound of your instrument to make it less strident.

If your violin is too diffuse or dark

You can easily choose the Tonica and Aurora, which bring tone and light to your instrument. They allow to invigorate the too shy instruments and to concentrate the sound by making it more incisive.


The worst strings for beginners

While I have already advised you on which strings to choose, I also wanted to address the subject of which strings to avoid at all costs.

First, the low cost steel strings. Indeed, even if the price of such a set of strings may seem attractive, sometimes between 5 and 15 euros, it is not a good investment. Not only will they be very difficult to play under the fingers, but they will probably not sound as good as you would expect on a violin. Unless this one is electric.

Secondly, I would also advise against gut strings, which can make your life hell. They are not only quite expensive, have a short life span and despite their pleasant sound are very unstable in tuning.


For further information

I invite you to read this article that discusses the different types of strings.

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