Corelli New Crystal violin strings


A balanced and warm sound, even for the most whistling violins.


Corelli New Crystal violin strings are the modern version of the Crystal series that already existed in 1980. A new synthetic fiber – stabilon – has been developed in the company’s laboratories in order to create a core onto which different alloys will be wound. In the end, they are affordable strings which are surprisingly playable and soft.


Sound colour

Neutral and balanced








Corelli New Crystal violin strings features

Corelli New Crystal violin strings are the modern version of the Crystal series that already existed in the 1980s.

Corelli New Crystal violin synthetic strings have a surprising composition. Indeed, despite being in the same price range than student strings, they have silver windings. Thanks to this, they sound warm and look beautiful.

Although all models come with a ball end to get fixed to the tailpiece, the three (3) models for 4/4 violins are also available with a loop end.


Summary table of strings

String Core Winding Tension (kg)
E Steel 8 / 8,6 / 8,6
A Synthetic Aluminium 5 / 5,3 / 5,6
D Synthetic Aluminium and silver 4,2 / 4,4 / 4,7
G Synthetic Silver 4,5 / 4,7 / 5

Tension according to a string length of 325mm tuned in A 440hz



My review on Corelli New Crystal violin strings

Corelli New Crystal violin strings could be mistaken for student strings because of its price. However, they truly are high-quality strings made from great and interesting materials (synthetic fiber, silver, etc.) which are, in my opinion, greatly underestimated. Especially since their price is so attractive compared to their counterparts from other brands.

These strings are quite neutral, yet warm with no aggressive sound, even for the E-string. Moreover, these strings are not super powerful. In other words, they are great for piercing violins or to rebalance new instruments while they settle into shape.

To conclude, I recommend these strings to anyone with a medium budget looking for great quality.


  • A great balance for all the strings, including the E string.
  • A warmth that improves even the most piercing violins
  • Very affordable prices because made in France


  • Though super soft, they lack power



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A, D, E, G, String set (4)

String type



Forte, Medium, Medium-low


Ball-end, Loop-end


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