All year round, I offer evening lessons on violin-making. Open to all, they are mainly targeting amateurs of all ages wishing to explore handcrafted violin-making. You’ll find on this page all the information on what I offer.


Violin-making evening lessons

Weekly lessons are perfect for amateurs wishing to dedicate more time to a violin-making activity. For a few hours of practice each week, I offer you the opportunity to learn how to make, repair and maintain your instrument. Whether it is to complete a personal project such as making an instrument or restoring an old one, to broaden your knowledge of the instrument as a musician or simply to discover the world of handcrafted violin making. This can also be useful for students looking for a new career path.


Learn the techniques of violin making and tool handling during the evening lessons
Learn violin making techniques and tool handling during dedicated evening lessons


Subjects of violin-making evening lessons

As an example, here are some subjects that can be broached:

  • making or assembling an instrument, partially or completely,
  • changing, tuning, and adjusting the strings of your instrument,
  • repairing or restoring an old instrument,
  • woodwork and carving,
  • use and maintenance of hand tools,
  • making varnish and how to apply it.


I reserve the right to refuse any project that does not match the student’s level or that is against the ethical values of the workshop.


Violin-making lessons rates and timetable


  • As specified in the title, lessons take place on weekday evenings from 6pm to 10pm.
  • The indicative price is 25 per student and per hour of lesson, which includes: teaching, access to the workshop tools, and also a contribution to the use of consumables (glues, solvents, varnishes…) which are freely available.
  • Current number of slots per lesson: 2


Tools & materials

You have access to the tools and consumables of the workshop. However, you can bring your own if you want to use them during the lessons. Be aware that your tools and materials cannot be kept in the workshop, therefore you must take them back home at the end of each lesson. On the other hand, you can also buy materials (wood, bridges, soundposts, pegs…) to complete your work successfully.



The goal of the lessons I offer is purely for knowledge and fun, and targeting amateurs. These lessons do not represent a serious base for learning traditional violin making, which requires years of apprenticeship in proper institutions providing such training.

Lessons involve the use of sharp tools (knives, chisels, gouges…) and of dangerous substances (varnishes, alcohols…) requiring some autonomy – they are therefore only available to informed people.



Violin-making intensive internships

In addition to the weekly evening lessons, you can also join one of the various intensive internships I offer. For further details, please read this dedicated page.


If you need more information about evening lessons, internships or any other activity, please do not hesitate to contact me.