All year round in my workshop, I offer lessons focusing on how instruments are made. Open to all, these internships are particularly appropriate for amateurs wishing to experience traditional handcrafted violin making. You’ll find on this page all the information on the different activities you can do.


Violin-making internships for amateurs
Learn how to use traditional hand tools during lessons with your family.


Violin-making internships in Strasbourg, France

Internships take place in the heart of my workshop and lead you straight into the world of violin-making. They are quite intense as they happen in the matter of a week – 5 days for 6 hours daily. This way, I offer you my support throughout the making of your instrument, according to the different options available. You will also be helped during each step, from sanding down the different parts up to the final assembly.

At the end of your internship, you’ll leave with your selfmade masterpiece. A fully finished and playable instrument that you can enjoy straight away!


Violin-making internships at the workshop

Learn more about internships to discover the world of a violin-maker and build your own instrument.

Tools of the violin-maker apprentice

Here are some useful tools for a good start in violin-making.

How to take part in a violin-making internship

Once you are sure of having no other plans for at least a whole week, you can contact me to arrange an internship. Internships lasting more than a week can be scattered throughout the following months or even over several years.


Internship rates, materials and supplies

The price is fixed and includes the tools availability and lending, as well as the use of consumables. On the other hand, materials and supplies are not included in the price. This way, you are free to bring your own to successfully complete your work during the internship.

If you do not want to bring your own materials and supplies, you can directly buy them in our workshop stock.

For further information or for a quote, please contact me.