Violin setup and maintenance are too often overlooked by musicians – not because they do not want to do it, but because they do not know properly how to. The setup of your instrument is actually the only way to improve its sound or its playability. The musician and the violin maker have to set out together on a journey full of experimentations and discoveries. Most of the time, this fruitful association unveils tone colours that were yet unthought-of, or forgotten.


Setup, adjustment and continued maintenance guarantee the best sound possible
Setup, adjustment and continued maintenance guarantee the best sound possible


Hourly rate and costs

Our costs are based on an hourly rate of 60€ including all taxes, i.e., 1€ per minute. Note that this is to pay the staff only. You will have to add the costs of the materials.

Since most of the operations remain always the same however, the invoice is a flat fee. This means no quote has to be done.


To get more information about my fees, you can contact me.


How to arrange a quote

To know the exact state of your instrument and how much a customised work would cost, you may need an expert opinion, in addition to a sales quote. Carrying out and writing the assessment as well as the sales quote costs a flat fee of 60€ including all taxes. Once you have paid, the documents will be sent to you as soon as possible. All of this is unnecessary if maintenance and adjustment are included in your fee.

However, if this quote helps deciding you to buy something at the workshop, you will get a refund.




Improve and perfect your violin setup

Improving your instrument’s sound is a tedious work. Here are a few articles that deal with this issue. They may help you work round your situation, and, who knows, even broaden your horizons.