Looking for string instrument rentals in Strasbourg? At Lutherie d’Art, we provide high-quality violin, cello and viola rentals that are tailored to your needs. You’ll have the added benefit of a professional team at your disposal so you can make most out of your rental experience. 

All sizes available to rent an instrument in Strasbourg
Instrument rentals adapted to all of your needs.

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Maximize your budget with zero obligations



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Receive top-notch service



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Tailored instrument rentals

Renting an instrument is the best solution for beginners who simply want to try the violin, viola, or cello. This way, you can immediately beginning learning how to play while being guaranteed a quality instrument at minimal cost to you. Additionally, my zero-obligation offer allows you to try instruments without being locked in. What’s more, my lease-purchase offers make it possible to pay off the rental at your own pace.

Renting an instrument is a nice alternative to purchasing, especially if you will need to change instruments. For example, children quickly outgrow instruments and need to update to a larger size as they progress.

That’s why instrument rentals will save you from purchasing a new instrument every time your child hits a growth spurt.

Rental instruments in Strasbourg

Rent a violin, viola, or cello

To clarify, the term “outfit” refers to the instrument, bow, case and accessories. All of our rentals are the best outfits we have. This is no easy feat, as each component is carefully selected according to my own rigorous set of criteria.

Furthermore, I handle the set-up of every rental instrument. Each instrument is regularly maintained as well.

As previously stated, my goal is to offer top-quality instruments and assistance even to the most beginner players. Many people think that novice musicians won’t have any issue if they start on low-quality instruments, but I disagree. Easy and comfort of play as well as good tone quality allows novice players to progress more quickly. It also makes the learning process more enjoyable.


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Rent a violin

Violin rentals


Rent a viola

Viola rentals


Louer un violoncelle

Cello rentals



Instruments tailored to you

In order to meet the needs of players from all ages, all sizes of instruments are available. From 1/16 size (2 yrs and up) to 4/4 size(13 yrs and up), we have a violin, viola, and cello for you. If you don’t know what size will suit you or your child, please consult our size chart.


High-quality service

Although the services I offer may not meet every Strasbourg musician’s needs, I do pride myself on offering my customers a unique service experience.

All the rental instruments in my shop are regularly maintained, guaranteeing quality performance and longevity. Our rentals also include exclusive advantages not necessarily included with other rental companies. These services include:

  • Everyday support: I will be there to answer any enquiries pertaining to your violin, viola or cello.
  • Free annual maintenance: the capacities and condition of the instrument will be thoroughly inspected.
  • Annual bow rehairing.
  • Free annual restringing (with high-quality strings).
  • Lease-purchase credit that allows you to purchase the instrument you’ve been renting.
  • Special sales offers in our online store for all instrument renters.

All in all, you will save more than 150 on maintenance and annual follow-up.


Hire costs to rent an instrument in Strasbourg

Violin Viola Cello
Monthly payments starting at 25 € 30 € 50 €
Deposit (uncashed) 1000 € 1200 € 2500 €

No matter the size of the instrument, the price remains the same.


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Rent an instrument online

Live outside of Strasbourg? I can ship a rental instrument to you. If you’re interested in renting a violin, viola, or cello, you can find all the information on the pages below.


Rental terms and conditions

Here are some key things to know when renting an instrument with us:

  • The minimum duration for a rental is 1 month. After, you can rent a violin for as long or short as you need it.
  • You can pay in cash, check, bank transfer or by credit card (online)
  • Payments are due at the beginning of each month (between the first and the fifth day of the month.)

In order to make the rental agreement process seamless, please be ready to send:

  • A check of guarantee (it will remain uncashed) – you will receive this back when the contract is terminated.
  • A valid form of ID.

The rental agreement will be drawn up in two copies. One of them will be sent to you.


Rent an instrument in my Strasbourg violin workshop
Rent an instrument in my violin workshop in Strasbourg and benefit from our exclusive services!


More about our rentals

Rent for a year, a month, a week or even a day

Are you looking to try your hand at an instrument for a few lessons, but don’t know if you will continue? Or perhaps you plan to spend a full year studying at a music conservatory? Whatever your plans are, instrument rentals will give you total control on the duration of hire while still meeting your budget.

Even if you’re looking to rent a specific instrument for a special occasion (a concert, an event, an audition or a contest), my workshop can provide you with a rental. Please contact me so that I can provide you with a custom quote.



Rental credits and financing your instrument

The lease-purchase option is a way to go from renter to owner. In other words, this gives renters the option of using their payments as a way to finance their future instrument. This way, you can purchase an instrument while staying within your budget.

  • Renters have the advantage of a 50% discount on the purchase of their rental instrument.


Left-handed, baroque and quinton rentals

If you would like to rent any of the above instruments, it is possible. Please contact me if you’re interested in renting:

  • Baroques instruments
  • Instruments for left-handed players
  • Quintons

I will then create a customized quote that includes the desired instrument and time frame of the rental. Additionally, you will find estimated pricing on our website by searching for these specific instruments.