Do you know that no matter the violin you have, it is worth something? Of course, depending on the instrument, this worth may vary a lot. Hence, this page might interest you, since you will learn all about my offers to repurchase your violin.

Violin repurchase
*A violin workshop is the place to go when you consider selling your violin*


My workshop repurchases your violin

I’m always keen to purchase more instruments. Not only can they be great offers for musicians, but, as a violin maker, I can also use them for various projects, such as for education or in associations.

What violins do I buy?

  • Antique violins especially, no matter their origin and their age (as long as they were made before 1960)
  • Passion Tradition violins: modern instruments that you can trust and track. I will gladly buy them from you.
  • Modern factory made violins: even if they are damaged, Chinese or Eastern instruments can be used by the voluntary associations to which I am committed.
  • Antique or modern violins far beyond any decent restoration or repair can still be used as training material.

Should your instrument fit these criteria, you can send me some pictures so that I can have an idea of its condition. This way, I can give you my price remotely. However, this offer will not be definitive until I have examined the instrument at my workshop.


Broken violin repurchase
Even broken or neglected violins can be worth something.


How much do you want to sell your violin?

An instrument can only be sold at its maximum price if:

  • Its condition is flawless. There is no damage spoiling its playability nor sound. Note that scratches due to use do not affect the worth of the instrument to a dramatic extent.
  • The setup is perfectly adjusted so that the instrument can express all its potential.
  • The fittings can still be used and are in a decent condition.

Hence, you must have your instrument repaired and looked after at a violin workshop. Moreover, if it is an antique violin, a restoration could be worth it.


How to sell your violin at the best price

Making the most money of your instrument would be the best outcome. However, depending on to whom you want to sell your violin, there are many criteria to consider. Besides, you cannot expect to sell instruments that are too seriously damaged or that have no market value.


How to find the best buyer for your violin

I can repurchase your violin in most cases. When I cannot, I will make sure to tell you how to sell your instrument in the best way possible. For instance, you can sell them to my business partners or to organisations with which I work.


An expert opinion on your violin

You can also ask for an expert opinion to assess the worth of your instrument. Of course, it costs money, but you can make up for your expense with the authentication certificate.


A few tips before selling your violin

  • According to the label, you are the owner of a 18th or 19th century Stradivarius, Guarnerius, or Vuillaume? Do not worry, there is approximately 0 chance that your violin is the real deal. A few hints can ring a bell, but there are so many mislabels that the name is the last thing you should trust on a violin.
  • Some damages can look appalling. However, this does not mean they are the most difficult to repair. On the other hand, seemingly irrelevant damages can affect the worth of the instrument consequently. That’s why you need someone trustful who will do a comprehensive inspection of your violin before you sell it.
  • Last but not least, be extremely cautious to whom you entrust your details. Merchants, collectors, buyers… Of all the people who will answer your offer, some will be reliable and professional people, but some others will be ruthless frauds whose only aim is to scam you.


Contact me if you want me to repurchase your violin

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