The musician’s apprenticeship is mainly spent studying music theory and instrumental technique with their teacher. However, there is one facet often neglected which is getting to know the instrument. That is the reason why I give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge during internships of workshop for musicians.


Get to explore your instrument inside out with our workshop for musicians.
This may be an opportunity for you to explore your instrument inside out.


Internships for knowledge, violin-making, and sound

The “workshop for musicians” internships are designed for people who wish to build a deeper understanding of their instrument. They will learn in a lighthearted environment how their violin, viola, cello or double bass was built. They will also learn how sound is produced and what characteristics affect the sound of their instrument.

The point is also to raise awareness on the health of the instrument. That is why I will show the right way to restring, adjust, and maintain the instrument. In other words, to understand what can be done at home and what is best to leave to a professional violin-maker.

These internships are available for all musicians and curious people of all ages. They can be given in front of classes or groups as well.

Possible workshop content

  • anatomy of the violin and its family,
  • discovering the violin-making profession,
  • sound production and how it is influenced,
  • maintenance and adjustments,
  • trying different instruments and accessories,



Training for professional and amateur musicians

These workshops are tailored to the audience. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced amateur or a long-time professional, there are surely topics you would like to further explore. You might even see your instrument in a whole new perspective and open yourself up to new possibilities.

These musicians workshop internships are especially suited for:

  • violinists,
  • viola players,
  • cellists,
  • double bass players.

But musicians playing other string instruments may also be interested.


Arranging an internship for musicians

If you’d like to arrange or take part in a workshop for musicians, please contact me to know the rates and availability.