Come and learn about a traditional occupation through lessons and internships I offer all year long. The different activities are designed to fit you as much as possible.


Violin-making lessons and internships to discover the tools and handicraft.
Violin-making lessons and internships to discover the tools and handicraft.


When and where are the lessons and internships taking place?

Every lesson and internship happens in my workshop right at the heart of Europe, in Strasbourg (Alsace, France). You can choose from different options depending on your availability, projects, or desires.

  • Evening lessons take place from Tuesday to Friday, from 5pm to 9pm. They give you the opportunity to regularly dedicate time to violin-making. Therefore, it means that you can almost have a constant support for your project, whatever it is.
  • Sometimes, a weekend in the workshop is planned to present and discuss specific subjects. In that case, you must sign in quickly because slots are limited.
  • Intensive internships take place during a whole week, that is 8h daily for 5 days from Tuesday to Saturday. The end-goal is to leave with your finished instrument in hands. However, these internships can last longer if needed so you can fully complete your project. You can organise these additional weeks as you wish throughout the year.
  • For musicians, special internships are organised. Whether it is in band or solo, look at your instrument through new eyes – those of a violin-maker.


Come to the workshop from wherever you are.


Accomodation & meals during internships

Accomodation is at your charge, therefore it is not included in the final price. But it is fairly easy to find a place to stay in the city!

Meals can be eaten together in the workshop if you bring your own food – a space in the fridge can be provided. There are also many restaurants close to the workshop.

Do not hesitate to contact me to be given advice on where to stay.


Online violin-making lessons

Strictly speaking, online lessons are not available at the moment. However, I may share documents, files, and videos online in the near future.


Preparing a degree in Art and Craft (DMA) or a Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) in violin-making

If you are studying for a degree in Art and Craft or for a CPC in violin-making, do not hesitate to contact me for the required internship to complete your diploma. It will be my pleasure to let you in my daily life at the workshop and to share my knowledge with you.

Moreover, internships happening under an agreement (convention de stage) are free.