You want to start learning the viola but you’re not sure it’s made for you? Don’t worry, I have just what you need: hire. And this comes along with a unique experience. If you decide to rent a viola in my workshop, not only will you have access both to high-quality instruments and accessories, but I will also be there to help you handle your instrument.


Renting a violin allows you to take your time and find the right instrument for you
Renting a viola allows you to take your time and find the right instrument for you


Why would you rent a viola?

There are several situations that could lead you to get a viola, be it for you or your child. However, if you read the options below, you may find out that renting is better for you than buying!


Try the viola with no obligation

Let’s say you or your child wants to learn the viola, however you are not sure it will continue for a long time. I suggest you take some lessons and get used to the instrument with the support of a teacher.

If it turns out that you do not want to go on, just return the instrument. There is no obligation in our hire agreements, and you will have a discount if you rent a viola for more than 10 months.



Monthly payment (10 months and more) 30 €
Monthly payment 35 €
Deposit bond (uncashed) 800 €


High-quality outfit

The outfits I offer (viola, case, bow and accessories) have been designed with the help of teachers. Every pieces are made so that both the student and the teacher make the best of the lessons and, most importantly, enjoy the viola. Hence my aim is to provide you a high-quality instrument. First, I choose them on how good and beautifully crafted they look, then I take care of the setup and the adjustments in my workshop. I’m confident in my instruments. They will be great music partners, enjoyable to play, displaying a nice sound and a great comfort.

Moreover, along with the instrument comes a carbon fibre bow and a spacious case. Once you have chosen the shoulder rest and the rosin, you will be ready to play!


An instrument always at the proper size

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For instance, you can enter the Strasbourg Music Conservatory from 6 years old.


The youngest viola players need to change instruments several times before reaching a full-size viola. Take a student starting at a music conservatory: they will begin with a 1/4 size, then trade it for a 1/2, then for a 3/4, and finally get to 4/4 viola. All in all, that makes up four different violas, to which are added each case, bow and accessory.

Needless to say, even if you can resell the whole outfit each time, that is a huge investment. That is why many parents choose rental to support their children during their studies.


Additional advantages

As you’ve read earlier, I really want to offer you a unique viola rental experience. Indeed, learning an instrument is not just learning how to play it, but also learning how to take care of it. Great violins, violas, and cellos are instruments that require continued maintenance. That’s why I will be here to answer all of your enquiries and, of course, to look after your viola.


Each year, when you rent a viola, you get…


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Servicing and cleaning

To check that everything is okay



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To renew the voice of your viola



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To keep the soul of your bow as vibrant as ever



Support and maintenance are fully included in viola rental. Hence you have total control on your budget and will have nothing more to pay. All in all, you save 100€ on maintenance and annual follow-up.