The idea of this online store is to offer an experience that is as close as possible to that of the visit of an actual violin making shop. Keep in mind that I am not an online violin store – I am a violin maker who offers his services online. This means my supplies are and will always be limited. This system may not be appreciated by everybody. However, all the instruments, bows, fittings, and accessories you can find here are pieces in which I put all my heart.


Recreate the atmosphere of the atelier

My main goal is to offer you the same services I would have offered you if you stepped inside the atelier. To do so, I have set up specific steps that go as follows:


Free shipping!

Since you can’t come to the shop, the shipping fees are always free.


Feel safe with your purchase

Choosing an instrument requieres time, this is why I offer a loan scheme for any instruments for you to try at home, at your convenience.


An authentic atelier

I’m doing my best to answer all your enquiries. Moreover, the instruments, bows, and accessories I offer have all convinced me by their qualities, personalities and possibilities.



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