You want to rent an instrument in Strasbourg but don’t know where yet? My workshop is here for you. With my personalised offer, you can learn the violin, viola, or cello on a instrument of high-quality, carefully setup and at your size. You will also benefit from a professional support to help you make the best of your music learning.

All sizes available to rent an instrument in Strasbourg
Rent an instrument whatever its size, what you want, and your budget.

Optimise your budget with no obligation


Benefit from a top-of-the-range service


Receive presents to reward your loyalty!


Rental: a flexible and adaptable solution

Renting an instrument is the best solution for beginners who want to try the violin, viola, or cello. Indeed, it allows you to start learning music directly on a fine instrument with minimum expense. Moreover, with my non-binding offer, you can learn as you please. You can also pay your future instrument at your own pace with my lease-purchase offer.

Besides, hiring can be better than purchasing when the instrument needs to be changed often. For instance, as a child progresses on its musical path, their instrument will have to be updated from one size to the next.

With rental, you will be safe from spending money on a new outfit each time your little musician has a growth spurt.


Rent an instrument in Strasbourg

Rent a violin, viola, or cello

To start with, the outfit refers to the instrument, the bow, their case and their accessories. Of course, I have put up for rent only the best I have. A most difficult process, since all the parts have been carefully chosen in order to meet my own criteria.

Furthermore, all instruments are setup and adjusted by me at the workshop. Even during rental, they benefit from continued maintenance.

As you would have understood, my project is to grant every musician, including beginners, proper support and the opportunity to play on a fine instrument. Some people believe that you can start music on about any instrument – but I disagree. With great comfort, playability, and sound, not only can you improve faster, but also have more fun when you play.


Get the proper instrument size

In order to meet the needs of players from all ages, all sizes of instruments are available. From 1/16 (two years old on) to 4/4 (13 years old on), there is a violin, viola, and cello for you. If you do not know yet what size will suit you or your child, have a look at this size chart.


A high-quality service

I’m well aware that I can’t reach every musician looking for an instrument in Strasbourg. However, if you hire at my workshop, you will benefit from an exclusive service.

This means I keep checking carefully on every instrument rented at my workshop, thus ensuring their performances and expending their lifespans. Here is a list of what my rental service offers and that you will not find anywhere else:

  • Everyday support: I will be there to answer any enquiries and to help you handle your violin, viola or cello.
  • Free servicing once a year: the capacities and condition of the instrument will be thoroughly inspected.
  • Bow rehairing once a year.
  • Free restring with a good quality set once a year.
  • Lease-purchase allows you to buy the instrument when you no longer want to rent it.
  • Special sales offers for all tenants in the workshop store.

All in all, you save 150€ on maintenance and annual follow-up.


Hire costs to rent an instrument in Strasbourg

Violin Viola Cello
Monthly payment from 25 € 30 € 50 €
Surety bond (uncashed) 1000 € 1200 € 2500 €

Whatever the size of the instrument is, the price remains the same.


Check if the instrument is available and book it!


Rent an instrument online

I can also send you your instrument wherever you are. If you want to rent a violin, viola, or cello, you can find all the information on the pages below.

Passion-Tradition Mirecourt cello body
Rent a cello

You want to rent a cello in a workshop without going out of your home? It’s possible.

not rated 84,00

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Rent a viola in a workshop
Rent a viola

You want to rent a viola in a workshop without going out of your home? It’s possible.

not rated 20,00

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Rent a violin in a workshop
Rent a violin

You want to rent a violin in a workshop without going out of your home? It’s possible.

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Terms and conditions of rental

Here are several points that will help you understand how to rent an instrument at my workshop:

  • The minimum term is 1 month. Afterwards, you can rent a violin for as long as you wish and stop whenever you want.
  • You can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or directly online via credit card.
  • Payments take place at the beginning of each month (between the first and the fifth day of the month.)

In order to prepare the agreement in the best conditions possible, please be ready to send:

  • A deposit bond (uncashed) as a guarantee – you will have it back at the end of the contract.
  • A valid ID.

The rental agreement will be written in two copies. One of them will be sent to you.


Rent an instrument in my Strasbourg violin workshop
Rent an instrument in my violin workshop in Strasbourg and benefit from an exclusive service!


More about rental

Rent for a year, a month, a week or a day

You want to try your hand at an instrument for a few lessons but don’t know if you will go on with it? Or maybe you want to attend a full year at a conservatory? In any case, with rental, you have total control on the budget and the duration of hire.

Even if you want to rent a specific instrument for a special occasion (a concert, an event, an audition or a contest), my workshop can rent you this instrument from one day on. Please contact me so that I can provide you with a particular quote.



Lease-purchase, or how to fund your instrument

The lease-purchase option is a way to go from tenant to owner. In other words, you can use as many payments as you want, so as to end up buying the violin, viola or cello you were hiring. This way, you can buy an instrument and control your budget.

  • You have a 50% discount on the instrument if you decide to buy it.


Rent instruments for left-handed, baroque instruments, or quintons

Let’s say you want to hire somewhat special instruments – this is very much possible. Please contact me if you want to rent:

  • Baroques instruments
  • Instruments for left-handed
  • Quintons

I will make a quote according to your choice and the length of the rental. Furthermore you can also book online, via the specific pages above.