The best violin to start playing

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I’ve noticed that many of us would not take the plunge because we’re scared to get it wrong. Indeed, with all the possible choices, it is not easy as a total beginner to get everything needed to start a new passion. It happened so many times to me because I couldn’t make a choice… And it is still the case today! Anyway, as I quite know the world of violin, I wanted to share with you how to find the best violin to start playing. I hope that it will help you join the violin community and live your passion too.

The best violin to start playing - preparation
Choosing your first instrument is going to significantly determine your success in learning.

The best violin to start playing

Since the beginning, I am in touch with violin novices. Indeed, they (or their parents) are very often facing the problem of choosing the first instrument. This is a very broad subject. And while the learning itself remains a relatively challenging exercise, choosing the first violin is the main obstacle that will prevent many of you from getting started.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment from the start, as I’ll show you in this article. The key, though, is to knowwhere you can find the best violin to start with. And above all, why I say it is the best…


What is the best violin to start playing

I first have to specify what is the best violin to my eyes for beginners. That is why I’m going to tell you what I think a beginner should search for to get started without getting carried away. And with that in mind, I’m obviously talking about value for money. It would indeed be possible to get started by investing in a master violin from the start, but I will write this article so that this new hobby remains affordable for most people. So, here are my criteria:

  • A perfectly playable and enjoyable violin so that you can concentrate fully on learning.
  • An affordable price for a complete set and all the necessary accessories.
  • A professionnal support when needed, so that you can enjoy learning in peace.
The best violin to get started according to Marie Leloup
The best violin for beginners with the essential accessories.

Violin set for beginner

First of all, it is important that the violin student can start learning without too many questions in mind. Therefore, you need a complete set that includes accessories and an easy-to-handle violin. This way, the student can focus on music and on playing.

That’s why I think it’s important to have a complete set. This should preferably be created and selected by education professionals rather than by industrialists (who will mainly want to sell their most innovative products or a whole lot of useless stuff).

It should contain at least the following
  • First, a violin that is easy to tune and play. Of course, a good tone is best.
  • Then, a bow which is undoubtedly a key element. It should be possible to tension it without too much effort and it should have a good length of hair.
  • A good-sized case with enough storage space will also be a wise purchase.
  • The pad is an accessory that will help stabilise your violin so as to free the movements of your left hand. That is why most of the teachers recommend it.
  • Rosinis an ingredient that allows the bow to grip the strings.
  • The music stand is optional but nevertheless very interesting. It gives you a good view on your music sheet which can be positioned at your convenience. This may seem trivial, but it provides a good reading environment while focusing more on the music.
  • Finally, a tuning device will help you check that your instrument is in tune. This will not only ensure that you are playing correctly but also that you are working on the right moves. Nowadays, a smartphone is enough as there are many free or paid apps that always give you a solution in hand.

These sevent points makes the basis that you need to have to start playing the violin in the best conditions. Of course,


A solid and enjoyable violin

Although you should never overlook elements of your set (the name given to the bundle described above), the violin is undoubtedly the most important. This is why it’s important not to neglect it and to check carefully a number of criteria.

The best tailpiece to get started on the violin
A tailpiece with four integrated adjusters makes tuning much easier.

The most affordable beginner instruments will usually be built as tanks. Very sturdy, the thickness of their wood and their varnish means that they are generally very resistant and easy to maintain. Althought it seems like an advantage at first, this will be at the expense of tone unfortunately. Thus, they may sound brighter and be less reactive than their counterparts for more advanced violinists.

However, there are two important secrets that transform these pieces of wood into usable instruments.

  • Have the assembly checked and adjusted by a violin-maker, as this is not done by online shops.
  • Change the original strings to synthetic ones that are easy to play and that sound warm.


A tailpiece that simplifies tuning

Teachers recommend that their students start with tailpieces that make life easier. This is the case with tailpieces that have four integrated adjusters. This really helpful accessory allows the student to easily handle the tuning of their instrument.

By the way, I recommend you to read the article below which explains how to tune your violin.


Solutions for a smooth start

To conclude, I must also tell you about the different options available to you if you want to find the best violin to start with.

The best strings to get started on the violin
Preparing a violin for beginners in my workshop.

Buying a violin

In case you prefer to buy your own violin, I can recommend some sets that suit your budget and your needs.

I prepare each instrument in my workshop to ensure quality and playability before you receive it.

What contains this set:

  • A violin made of solid wood.
  • Four integrated adjusters on the tailpiece for easy tuning.
  • Pirastro Tonica strings for a more pleasant tone and a good playing comfort.
  • A bow.
  • A case with enough space to organise your accessories.
  • A folding and adjustable pad.
  • Gustave Bernardel rosin
  • A folding music stand.

In addition, you benefit from a support and a complete warranty.

  • My workshop provides a complete after-sales service to assist you in all your technical difficulties.
Rent a violin from a violin-maker to get started
You will probably find a violin that suits you in a violin-maker workshop. If you don’t know where to go, know that my workshop can come to you – that’s how great the Internet is.

Renting a violin

The other option to get a violin is to rent or hire-purchase one. This is a fairly well-established system in Europe and one that is frequently used in many music shops and workshops.


Advantages of renting

  • Instead of spending a lot in purchasing a violin from the start, you can simply try one for a couple of months. In the worst case, if you don’t like it, you can still give it back and put an end to your payments. Sometimes, there is a time commitment, for example six months or a year. However, this is not always the case as I offer all my rentals on a non-binding basis, starting with a monthly payment.
  • You will receive a playable instrument which has passed through the hands of qualified people. And if you have any problem, you can always reach out to them for some help.
  • On the other hand, you can sometimes benefit from a hire-purchase system (which is not always available). This means that you can accumulate monthly payments and then purchase your violin. It is a financing system that can help you to try out an instrument and then choose one when the time comes, while keeping part of your previous payments.
  • Finally, your contract may come with a maintenance service. For instance, the contracts I offer include a complete check-up, string replacement and bow rehairing. That is equivalent to about €150 per year for a violin, which is money that you wouldn’t have had to spend additionally if you had bought the instrument.

Rentings in my shop

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