Tools for a luthier’s apprentice


23 professional-grade tools essential to becoming a luthier’s apprentice.

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I have selected a set of tools that will give you peace of mind and independence as you beginexploring the world of lutherie. These are in fact only a small selection of all the tools needed for the job. However, these tool are the most essential one for beginning your adventures in the world of lutherie. These tools for the luthier’s apprentice are of the same quality as the ones I use as a professional luthier on a daily basis.


Tools for a luthier’s apprentice

Drawing upon my experiences with internships and my knowledge of school curriculums, I have created a simple and acessible set of tools for those wishing to become luthiers.

I have noticed above all that it is very difficult for beginners to put together their toolbox when starting out. Over the years, I have come across many interns, apprentices and students who possess tools that are either outdated, impractical or downright useless. I admit that the same problem has happened to me on many occasions throughout my career in lutherie.

This is precisely why this tool kit includes the essentials to allow anyone to express themselves in this art form. Each tool is of incomparably exceptional quality, and professionals from all over the world use them on a daily basis (myself included).

Final note: not every single tool is included, but what is included are the tools that are the most difficult to come by. These tools are undeniably rare to come across and cannot be found in your local hardware store.


  • Blades made of Japanese steel 6mm and 15mm (Made in Japan)
  • Japanese wood chisels 21mm and 15mm (Made in Japan)
  • Chisels 8/7, 7/10, 7/14, 7/25 (Made in Switzerland)
  • Ryoba Japanese saw (Made in Japan)
  • Scrapers (Made in Germany)

Rasps and files

  • Half-round rasp 16x5x150mm (Made in Germany)
  • Half-round rasp 24x5x200mm (Made in Germany)
  • Sage leaf file 150x15x4,4mm “0” (Made in Switzerland)
  • Flat file 17x2x150mm “2” (Made in Switzerland)


  • Palm planer (Made in Germany)
  • Bench planer (Made in Germany)

Measurements and maintenance

  • High-precision speed square (Made in Japan)
  • 300mm flexible ruler (Made in Japan)
  • Precision plastic vernier caliper, 150mm (Made in Japan)
  • Scribe (Made in Japan)
  • Pointed steel compass, 150mm (Made in France)
  • Combination sharpening stone 1000/6000, 207x66x36 (Made in Japan)
  • Burnisher (Made in Canada)


Learn how to use the tools of a luthier’s apprentice

If you’d like to learn how to use these tools, you can read more on my blog. Additionally, you can also do one of the internships I offer to get more familiar with the tools.


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