W.E. Hill peg compound


The original W.E. Hill peg compound to lubricate your pegs. Use sparingly.

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I introduce you to the well-known W.E. Hill peg compound. It has been created once by the Hill family in order to easily turn your pegs. It is really useful to smoothly turn the pegs and to prevent them from clicking. The Hill compound packaging looks like a lipstick tube – which is truly handy to take it anywhere.


What is the W.E. Hill peg compound

W.E. Hill peg compound stick
This Hill compound looks like a lipstick tube.

For the most purists of you here, it is of course possible to use cerumen. This archaic way of lubricating your pegs is always ready at the tip of your fingers.

If by any chance it doesn’t suit you, there are also less handy methods to smooth your pegs. This is what this special recipe, developed in the famous London workshop, is all about.

Compound recipe

Of a red colour, this recipe has been specially created to offer the right balance between lubrication and holding the pegs in. Its formula is a clever mix of:

  • First of all, lubrication happens thanks to paraffin mixed with clay from China and graphite.
  • Then, talc and iron oxide add more grip to the formula.


How to apply the peg compound

To begin with, it is important to point out that it’s not necessary to apply too much. In fact, very little compound is needed to achieve the desired effects. By the way, applying too much would be counterproductive as a thick layer would prevent the peg to properly stay in.

That is why you can start by applying a little on the parts of the peg which are in contact with the peg box. Two small touches are usually enough. Then, you have to turn the peg in its hole to spread the compound evenly on the contact points. If the peg does not turn properly, you can start the previous step again. Once the peg turns well, you can wipe off the excess on the instrument and the peg and restring your instrument.



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