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High-quality bridges to reveal the greatest tonal characteristics of your instrument

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The French model of a Despiau cello bridge is above all a perfect way to improve the quality of your instrument assembly. An upgraded assembly will not only improve your comfort while playing, but also the tone of your instrument.


Despiau cello bridge

Despiau bridges are a valuable asset considering the quality of this essential component. Founded in 1984, the family business ensures by its savoir-faire the selection, style, and design to meet not only the violin-maker’s requirements but also the musician’s. For that matter, well-kept manufacturing secrets built their expertise and worldwide fame in the market. Indeed, each and every Despiau bridge receives a special care that no one in the family ever revealed.

This small piece of maple wood has been selected with great care through analyses of its mechanical and acoustic qualities. This is how the different qualities are ranked, with one tree being the most common, and up to three trees representing the most outstanding bridges.


What is the difference between the French and Belgian bridges?

There are two different models for cello bridges – the French and the Belgian. Each of them has their own characteristics which will better suit your cello:

  • The Belgian bridge offers a bright, powerful and direct tone,
  • The French bridge bridge offers a deep, soft and rich tone.


Advantages of a good bridge

  • Responsiveness: a good bridge lessens the delay in response time between the string and the resonant body of the instrument. Therefore, the cello reacts faster to bow strokes.
  • Brightness: a higher quality of wood also leads to a more precise and controlled sound.
  • Power: the tonal performance of the instrument is greatly enhanced and will provide a more nuanced playing experience.


Getting your French model of the Despiau cello bridge

When you place your order, the bridge is absolutely not ready to be used. Indeed, it must be cut to fit perfectly on your cello and to offer the best tone and playability. If you wish to get a Despiau cello bridge, contact me now to book an appointment.


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1/10 (60mm), 1/16 (52mm), 1/2 (76mm), 1/4 (70mm), 1/8 (63mm), 3/4 (80mm), 3/4 (82mm), 3/4 (84mm), 4/4 (88mm), 4/4 (90mm), 4/4 (92mm), 4/4 (94mm), 4/4 (96mm), 7/8 (86mm)


1 tree, 2 trees, 3 trees


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