Warchal Brilliant Vintage violin strings


Rich sounding strings with incredible clarity and power.


Warchal Brilliant Vintage violin strings offer similar characteristics to Warchal Brilliant, but these are best with old instruments. Thus, the Vintage strings offer incredible playability and responsiveness on the most fragile violins.


Sound colour

Warm and clear








Warchal Brilliant Vintage violin strings features

Brilliant can have different meanings – exceptionally clever or talented on one hand, and bright or shiny on the other hand.

Warchal Brilliant Vintage violin strings are not simply bright sounding like their name might suggest. In fact, these strings are well balanced between warmth, clarity, and harmonic richness. As for the Vintage version that we have here, it is optimised for older instruments. Thanks to a softer tension than the standard version, they free themselves more on violins already unrestrained by years of vibration.

According to Warchal policy, the set of strings is only available in one tension – thus, it will perfectly fit most violins. Yet, it is possible to choose between a ball end or a loop end.



Summary table of strings

String Core Winding Tension (kg)
E Steel 8,3
A Synthetic Hydronalium 5,4
D Synthetic Hydronalium 4,4
G Synthetic Steel / Pure silver 4,4

Tension has been converted in kg according to a measure in newton conducted on a string length of 326mm tuned in A 440hz



My review on Warchal Brilliant Vintage violin strings

Warchal Brilliant strings are a wise choice whatever your instrument. Slight differences draws a distinction between the two versions, although you need the Vintage strings if you play on an old violin. Defining ‘old’ isn’t that simple, but if we look at the definition of ‘vintage’, it can only be something less than 20 years old. Thus, you can determine whether you violin is ready to be stringed with these.

At first sight, the strings may seem thicker, but they remain comfortable still. They are characterised by a clever mix of softness and powerful, with well-defined sound colours. In the end, we have high-quality strings here.

The stability and lifespan are also quite incredible. However, they still need a few days to develop their full potential.

Finally, one last tip – if you’d like to experiment with strings mix, try to use the Amber E-string and the Russian Style A-string with the Warchal Brilliant Vintage set of strings.


  • Great perfomances, even better on older instruments
  • Very stable and solid
  • Eco-friendly as it is recycled by Warchal (by the way, I buy your strings as gift coupons).


  • To be avoided on modern instruments; in that case, purchase Warchal Brilliant strings




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More details

Weight 25 g





A, D, E, G, String set (4)

String type




E string

Ball-end, Loop-end


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