Warchal Amber violin E string

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Great vibrations for a great sound.


Although the complete set of strings is a bestseller, the pinnacle is probably the Warchal Amber violin E string. It has an ingenious design which offers not only an incredibly soft sound but also many advantages. Wait no more to discover it!


Sound colour

Warm and organic








Warchal Amber violin E string features

Amber is a precious stone that results from the fossilisation of conifer resin. It is also linked to Ancient Greece where ambrosia – nectar of the gods – had a connection to immortality.

Every E string of violins look quite the same because they are simply made of a steel wire. Steel can be of different alloys – plated or extruded – offering different advantages. This can drastically change the colour of the string’s sound and the way it is played.

The new E-string developed by Warchal presents a whole new approach. Indeed, the string has a part which looks like a spring when it is loose. This technique modifies the string’s structure and how it vibrates. Therefore, we quickly notice the incredible elasticity of it as it easily vibrates. It sounds clear and soft, without whistling. In addition, there are no longer unpleasant harmonics or other “whistles” that usually happen with thin E-strings.

Contrary to the usual Warchal policy, the E-string is available in medium and strong tensions.


Warchal Amber violin E string - a revolution
Warchal Amber E-string, which special design offer many advantages.



Summary table of strings

String Core Winding Tension (kg)
E – Medium Steel 8,4
E – Strong Steel 8.8

Tension has been converted in kg according to a measure in newton conducted on a string length of 326mm tuned in A 440hz



My review on Warchal Amber violin E string

This string is simply unbelievable and represents one of the big innovations from Warchal. It sounds clearly warmer than most (if not all) steel strings on the market. Therefore, it goes perfectly well with many synthetic and gut strings mixes. In addition, it is almost impossible to hear the metallic sound specific to steel E strings.

It also has a softer tension which makes it very comfortable while still providing a good power. The soft touch under your fingers is a great advantage regarding notes. When you press the string, it won’t sound higher contrary to ordinary strings.

Moreover, thanks to its elasticity, you can tune really easily your instrument by using the adjuster or simply the pegs.

  • Great projection of dynamic, yet without those distinctive and unbearable harmonics.
  • No whistling
  • Eco-friendly as it is recycled by Warchal


  • Hard to find any real disadvantage



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More details

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Dimensions N/A




String type



Forte, Medium




Ball-end E string, E string for ball-end integrated fine tuner, Loop-end E string

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5.00 out of 5 stars


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