Pirastro Tonica violin strings


Neutral strings with a rather warm character.


Pirastro Tonica violin strings are primarily strings with a neutral character. This new version offers not only a brighter and richer tone but also a much more lively response. That’s why this string set has been so acclaimed and has set the standard in this price range.


Sound colour

Neutral but rather warm








Pirastro Tonica violin strings features

The Tonicastrings are the third and most successful interpretation of Dominantby Pirastro.

Tout d’abord, nous parlons de la nouvelle Tonicaformula. In fact, it is a new version still designed with a nylon core but with some improvements.

As far as these improvements are concerned, and for those who knew the old versions, the changes are quite interesting. Indeed, although they are still neutral, the focus has been on brilliance and projection. Moreover an effort has been made on the response, and they are much more sensitive to the slightest touch of the bow. They still retain the warmth of synthetic strings of this type. Finally, it would be wrong not to mention the increased playability and the very even balance between the strings.

There is also an alternative version of the chanterelle. This will then be wound with an aluminum ribbon rather than a bare silver steel cord. This actually gives it a warmer, deeper sound and causesless whistling from the bow strokes.

This string set is recommended by many teachers and also very popular on small violins. That’s why Pirastro decided to manufacture these strings in fractional sizes up to 1/32. However, all the games are only available in one tension, which is rather average.


Advantages of the Pirastro Tonica violin strings

  • Firstly, a lively and well rounded sound on all strings which is also very comfortable to play even in high positions.
  • Secondly, its improved response gives a better response to the most subtle of bow strokes.
  • They can be used in all climates because they are completely insensitive to variations in humidity or temperature. Finally, they are also very stable to the tune.


Details of Pirastro Tonica strings for violin
String Core Winding or plating Tension (kg)
E Silver steel 7,5
E Steel Aluminium 7,8
A Steel Aluminium 5,5
D Synthetic Silver 4,5
G Synthetic Silver 4,9

Tension is measured on a violin which vibrating length is of 325mm.


Violin maker’s opinion on Pirastro Tonica for violin

These strings respond very well to all types of bow strokes. This is really enjoyable, both for the musician and the listener. In addition, despite the increase in brightness and general projection, the warmth that made them so successful has not been compromised.



More details




1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 3/4, 4/4


A, D, E, G, Steel/aluminium E, String set (4)



String type



Ball-end E string, Loop-end E string


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