Pirastro Passione violin strings


Reliable gut strings which rich and complex sound provides to the violin all the sensuality of Italian instruments.


Pirastro Passione violin strings are, above all, a major reference regarding softness. First of all, the strings immediately offer a deep and rich sound to the violin that only a natural string could bring. In addition, they are more stable than most gut strings.


Sound colour

Brilliant and rich








Pirastro Passione violin strings features

Passion – a fire that burns inside us to let creation shine.

These strings, made from sheep gut, are produced according to traditional methods of which it must be said that Pirastro still retains the savoir-faire. Very homogeneous, they are also immediately usable. As for their sound, it is really what you can expect from high-quality strings.

Not only is there an immediate responsiveness to bow strokes, but the sound colours are rich. Thus, musicians can easily express themselves in any registers and nuances. All that rich and complex sound enhances greatly any violin without turning it to shrill.

All the strings are also available in different gauges so that you can adjust tension. Therefore, please tell me if you need anything in particular when placing your order. Finally, all the tensions are indicated in the chart below.



  • First, a great stability compared to other traditional gut strings.
  • Then, an excellent responsiveness and a quite powerful sound.
  • Finally, contrary to other gut strings, the G, D and A strings have a ball end. This actually makes it easy to fix them without having to tie your own knots. Time saving, but above all, more safety and durability.


Pirastro Passione strings details
String Core Winding or plating Tension (kg)
E Silver steel 7,5 / 7,8 / 8,2
A Gut Aluminium 4,6 / 4,8 / 5,0 / 5,3
D Gut Silver 4,5 / 4,7 / 4,9 / 5,1 / 5,3
G Gut Silver 4,4 / 4,5 / 4,6 / 4,7 / 4,8

Tension is measured on a violin which vibrating length is of 325mm.



My review on Pirastro Passione violin strings

Gut strings are usually quite difficult to use because the are unstable. Yet, Pirastro Passione strings are quite stable and cause fewer problems than the usual strings. Pirastro gut strings are always of great quality and, in fact, it is said that they are carefully polished and checked by hand… No one can say if it really has an impact, but still, the strings are really smooth.

As for sound, it’s almost magical. Thus, even the hardest violins seem to soften and to gain depth. If gut strings are still used today, it probably is because their organic sound is purely inimitable.



More details

Weight 50 g





A, D, E, G, String set (4)

String type





Ball-end E string, Loop-end E string


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