D’Addario Prelude for violin


These medium tension strings are optimized for most players.




D’Addario Prelude violin strings offer a clear, precise sound, excellent bow response and long life. Their affordable price makes them a good choice for student use.

Color of the sound




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Characteristics of the D’Addario Prelude for violin

D’Addario Prelude violin strings have a pure steel core, which makes them insensitive to atmospheric changes. They also have a very good definition and an excellent response under the bow. In addition, their very affordable price makes them a first choice for the student player.

The string sets are available in medium tension from 4/4 to 1/16th size. It is also possible to order strings individually for the 4/4 size.

The core of the D’Addario Prelude violin strings is made of pure steel.

The A string is wound in aluminum, the D and G strings are wound in nickel.


The advantages of these strings

  • They offer a very clear sound and an excellent response to the bow.
  • Their price and durability make them a good choice for study.
  • Because of their design, they are insensitive to humidity and temperature variations.
D’Addario Prelude for violin
String material Winding or plating Tension (kg)
Acier 8,4
Acier aluminium 5,9
Acier nickel 5,3
Acier nickel 5,2


My opinion on the D’Addario Prelude for violin

The Prelude is a student string that allows a pleasant playing and a good learning of the instrument thanks to its durability. It is thanks to their pure steel core that they have such a long life. They are also an economical choice because of their low price.

Although available in sizes ranging from the whole to the sixteenth, which is quite rare, they are only available in medium tension. However, this is not really a problem since it is the most likely choice for a student instrument, whether modern or antique.

I therefore recommend them to young and beginner musicians who have a limited budget but who would like to take advantage of a reliable product that will accompany them for a long time in the study of their instrument.


More details

  • The ropes are packed in sealed pockets to prevent any type of corrosion.
  • All D’Addario strings are designed and manufactured in the USA.


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1/16, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 3/4, 4/4


A, D, E, G, String set (4)



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