Corelli Solea violin strings


The Corelli Solea strings are vibrant, powerful and strong with a characteristic harmonic richness.


Above all, Corelli Solea violin strings are high-quality for the most demanding violinists. Made from innovative materials and in collaboration with musicians interested in sound creation, these strings stand out by their warmth and brilliance. Moreover, they offer great playing sensations with a soft touch.


Sound colour

Warm and brilliant



Very good





Corelli Solea violin strings features

Solea strings refer of course to the sun, its warmth, lightness but also its relentless power.

First of all, Corelli Solea violin strings are synthetic strings that are particularly stable. Indeed, these strings have been manufactured with a brand new high-tech fiber. Then, they are wound in a special way thanks to alloys that are still a secret. Far from stopping here, the strings allow you to explore new sounds and brilliant sensations thanks to their innovations.

They are only available in medium tension for now, and the E-string ends either in ball or in loop.


Summary table of strings

String Core Winding Tension (kg)
E Carbon steel 7,95
A Synthetic Secret 4,95
D Synthetic Secret 4
G Synthetic Secret 4,6

Tension according to a string length of 325mm tuned in A 440hz



My review on Corelli Solea violin strings

These new synthetic strings give the opportunity to explore new sound horizons. Indeed, their unseen manufacturing techniques, with new materials, created a new sound colour range. It is therefore a great opportunity to rediscover your instrument’s sound.

As for the strings, they are of high quality, as Corelli does for many years. This fits in with their range of high-end models by taking a whole new approach to sound.

More details






String set (4)



Type de cordes



Ball-end E string, Loop-end E string


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