Gustave Bernardel rosin



Gustave Bernardel rosin is a timeless recipe which has been used for generations by violinists, violists and cellists. It offers great results regarding its price and it actually is a great rosin to start with any instrument from the violin family.






Savarez – Corelli






Gustave Bernardel rosin features

Bernardel rosin is, before all, one of the most popular recipes across the globe. Whether it is for violinists, violists or cellists, it offers very good performance.


Difference between the “Étude” and “Deluxe” versions

It’s important to note that the Étude (= study) and Deluxe rosin recipes are exactly the same. Therefore, you do not have significant differences between the two. Nevertheless, Études products are not as well formed when unmoulded – they have small flaws or bubbles trapped below the surface. However, neither affects how you usually use the rosin.

That is why the real difference between the two versions truly is the packaging.


Rosin advantages

  • First of all, it is very affordable and it’s of correct quality.
  • Then, it works quite well throughout the year in non temperate climates.


My review on Gustave Bernardel

First of all, this rosin is perfect to start with – factory-made, it is very affordable. Its formula offers good results. You can also use it on thicker strings thanks to its soft texture. Therefore, you can use it with your violin, viola, or cello bow.

It will be a great friend during your first bow strokes, however its lifespan is not that long. That is to say that, as months pass by, it will dry quickly and loose its qualities little by little. It is mainly due to the super simple packaging of all Bernardel rosins (even the Deluxe version) which does not retain the properties. Yet, to easily avoid this problem, you can store your rosin in a small sealed box.

Personally, I suggest you to buy the Étude version because you’ll only pay for the packaging for the other one. It is quite useless, for me at least, because it does not offer any real additional protection to the rosin cake and it does not retain its properties.


More details


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