Cecilia Sanctus violin rosin


A completely unique rosin to please the ears and the eyes alike.

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To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Cremona in America launched the Cecilia Sanctus violin rosin. Its unique formula combines two different rosin cakes to provide an unusual experience. An innovative creation by Peter Bahng.






Peter Bahng



Brooklyn, New York City (USA)



My approach is to encourage musicians to keep searching and experiencing something new, different, and more special, in hopes of discovering and ultimately expanding the possibilities of their instruments.

Peter Bahng, violinist and Sanctus rosin creator


Cecilia Sanctus violin rosin

Much more than a simple consumable, it is in fact a true work of art. Above all, Sanctus is unique by its perfect combination of two rosin formulas which provides a perfect balance in tone and bow control. These two formulas are kept separate on purpose to enhance their complementary roles.
The unique combination provided by Sanctus rosin is precise and offers a richer tone experience. But here is some details on each formula.

Outer ring

The outer ring formula has been designed to offer a silky smooth bowing experience and a balanced sound. It’s harder and drier in order to protect the cake centre.

Its light colour comes from the hydrogenation process. Not only does it increase the properties of the rosin, it also lengthens its lifespan.


Inner ring

This dark middle is a new version of the Cecilia Solo rosin – it’s softer and thicker. This inner ring provides the needed grips and reactions to bring out the instrument’s full power and depth.


A great lifespan

A distinctive property of this unique rosin cake is its incredible lifespan. That is thanks to the hydrogenation process that the outer ring undergoes. It has an excellent oxidation resistance and is also used to protect the inner ring. In the end, a real haven!

That’s why the rosin cake can be hopefully kept for a long time compared to other types of rosins that oxidise and dry faster.

A fully original creation

Each rosin cake is first made and moulded by hand by Peter Bahng himself in his workshop, in NYC. He also innovates and creates his own mixes. It’s actually the case for the Sanctus violin rosin, announced in early 2018. Finally, its delicate and technical creation is worthy of the masterpiece title.


Cecilia Sanctus violin rosin is unique

Each cake not only is unique but also fascinating to observe. They are real artistic creations which offer a lovely feel and an incredible sound to violins.
As an artist before being an instrumentalist, we are all looking for something new, better and different to combine with what we create.
Peter Bahng, violinist and Cecilia Sanctus violin rosin creator


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