Cecilia rosin spreader


An ingenuous accessory to apply your rosin evenly in a few seconds!

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There are many small accessories that improve our everyday life on different levels. The one I’m presenting to you today is unique, though it’s reusing an already existing idea. Indeed, Cecilia rosin spreader helps spread the rosin evenly on your bow hair. Thus, you’ll get a perfect distribution and dosage. Not only will it improve your musical expressiveness, but the latter will also be continuous, from the adjuster to the tip.

How to use Cecilia rosin spreader
Both a comb and a sponge, this spreader enhances easily the properties of your rosin.

Cecilia rosin spreader

Created by Peter Bahng – who also made Cecila rosin – this ingenuous accessory will solve many of your problems when you apply rosin. Indeed, one of the regular questions among violinists, violists, and cellists are about it. When? how? how much?… many questions that this accessory solves by itself.

In fact, it is the clever combination of a double comb and of an absorbing material, soft and lasting. Their joined action ensures that the right amount of rosin is applied evenly along the bow hair. Two strokes from the top to the bottom are enough to achieve the desired effect.

Cecilia accessory storage
It fits easily under the Cecilia rosin boxes.

Advantages for the musician

This accessory offers many significant advantages:

  • First of all, it helps apply evenly and in depth your rosin every time. It’s super efficient, especially with new bow hair.
  • Then, its fibre surface absorbs the extra rosin dust. It will prevent many suffocations that happen when there is too much rosin on the hair, and it will also prevent the extra to get onto the instrument.
  • Finally, its design allows it to be fixed under all Cecilia rosin cakes. Therefore, it’ll always be there when you need it.


How to use Cecilia rosin spreader


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