Muesing Violin bow C3


Carbon stick with classic or modern frog and button.


The Muesing Violin bow C3 is the modern stick. Firstly, you will be struck by its fine quality, resulting of a great dedication; but it’s only when you put it against the strings that you realise the bow’s true potential. Let me introduce to you the new creations of the bowmaker who founded Arcus more than twenty years ago.








Würzburg – Germany


Characteristics of the Muesing Violin bow C3

The stick of a Muesing Cello bow C4 is made from intertwined Carbon layers, which are then solidified with a very thin epoxy coating. This skilful preparation ensures very specific lightness and stiffness to spread the vibration.

These bows are lighter than usual wood or carbon bows: while those weigh about 61g, the Muesing Violin bow C3 weigh about 54g. Hence they are extremely flexible and responsive compared to other bows. This impression of lightness will be most pleasant during your long sessions of concerts, practice or work.

The frog is adorned with an abalone eye and the bow is full-lined in metal. As for the thumbpiece, it is made of leather.

Finally, all the fittings of this bow are made of steel.


Get to know the Muesing bows

Muesing bows are classified in different categories, called C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5. Hence you must know what type of bow you’re facing and what exactly these categories stand for. Of course, since they are all made in a workshop, each stick is different and has to go through careful inspection and quality control before being used.

C1 sticks are none of our concern – they were deemed unfit for use, and thus rejected Whereas the C2tier, the most bottom-of-the-range Muesing sticks, are already way above the performances of usual carbon bows. And the higher you climb on the Muesing range, the stricter the criteria become.

That’s why only exceptional bows are branded with the gold letters Muesing C5.


15-year guarantee

Bernd Muesing has such trust in the quality of its bows that each of each stick is under a 15-year guarantee. Of course this does not include the hair, the fittings, the thumbpiece, the screw, nor the eye.

However, note that the guarantee is not exclusive to the buyer of the bow – if you ever wish to change your bow to get a better model, the next owners of your previous bow will benefit from the guarantee as well. Besides, the frog is under a 2-year guarantee.

And if you encounter any issue with your stick or its fittings, do not hesitate to contact me so that I can take care of your bow.



The different features

Although the Muesing C2 and C5 are only available with classic features, C3 and C4 models display a variation of the frog. Here are the differences:


Classic frog and button

If you want your thumb to fit in the frog, you should go for a classic model. Its front part is lower and rounder, thus providing more comfort and support.

The one-part button has a traditional octagonal-shape.

Classic style Muesing Violin bow C3


Modern frog and button




If you rather like to touch the thumbpiece, a higher inner edge will put you more at ease.

The button is also completely redesigned into a more ergonomic shape. Its five fins allow you to adjust tension in a much more smooth and easy way.

Modern style Muesing Violin bow C3


Secured delivery

full-sized BAM bow tube
For a Muesing bow, I offer you a BAM tube to make sure your bow is shipped safe and sound.

To make sure your bow is delivered safe and sound, you get a BAM bow tube for your purchase. Thanks to it, your bow will be shipped with no troubles. And of course, you can use it again, for example if you should send it back to me for maintenance or rehair.



What your violin maker thinks about the Muesing Violin bow C3

The Muesing sticks have a most reasonable price for the great technicity and very interesting sound they display. Unlike the usual carbon bows made in China, the Muesing bows benefit from real dedication to the smallest detail.

Keep in mind that each of this stick is as different as their wooden counterparts are. No doubt you will find the character you’re looking for if you try these bows.

More details

Frog and button

Modern, Classical


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