Beginner carbon violin bow

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Here’s the ideal bow to start with a carbon stick.


Admittedly, choosing a beginner carbon violin bow is quite difficult. When you’re lacking experience, finding what you’re looking for in the great maze of the web is far from easy. That’s why, taking your needs into account , I chose for you the best bow for beginners.


How to choose your beginner bow

Choosing your bow is no easy feat, especially when you’ve just begun the violin. Most of the time, you want your bow to work, that is to say to enable you to play your first notes and then to progress at your own pace. So the last thing you want is to spend your nights on the internet in search of the rare gem concealed into that maze. Hopefully, you can stop right there: I have chosen for you the bow that will allow you to focus on your music, and your music only.


The best carbon beginner bow

Just like for any musical item, the actual best beginner bow doesn’t exist. However, some are more suitable than others. They will help you make the best of your instrument without spending all your money. And so does this bow. I chose it based on the following criteria:

  • Affordable price for perfectly working bows.
  • Features for musical items that suit your needs.
    • Carbon bow with great response and technicity
  • Guaranteed lifetime: these bows can be fully rehaired.

Beginner carbon violin bow

A bow with a carbon stick has a quicker and more direct response, as well as a clearer sound. As such, not only do you have more technique opportunities when playing, but also is the sound more precise.

Beginner carbon bow
Begin with a carbon bow

The alternative: a beginner wooden violin bow

A bow with a wooden stick displays a deeper sound and a bigger body. Despite being less responsive, it has a richer and deeper sound.

Beginner wooden bow
Begin with a wooden bow


What your violin-maker thinks about the beginner carbon violin bow

This bow is great if you’re looking for an affordable tool to play. Its performances are quite enough for beginning the violin. As for choosing the material… it is entirely up to you and your impressions. Let’s say your violin is bright, maybe even too much so. In that case, you should go for the wooden bow; whereas if your violin is very dark or dull, the carbon stick will shake it up!

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