Vegan Coruss viola bow


Finally, here’s a bow to satisfy the people who are the most concerned about animal welfare – a bow that uses no animal product. Of course, even if you’re not vegan, you’re welcome to use it!

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Discover the much expected vegan Coruss viola bow, the very first bow designed to meet the criteria of the most committed animal-rights advocates. Indeed there is absolutely no animal product on this bow. This also means you can go abroad without fearing troubles at the customs. And obviously, even if you’re not vegan, you can still appreciate the performances and style of this extraordinary bow.


Characteristics of the vegan Coruss viola bow

The stick is made of carbon fibre and resin. Its cross-patterned warping is charcoal-grey, with a shining finish. The frog is in ebony, and though it is not adorned with abalone, the slides are plated with a fine metal instead. The head plate, the fittings, the button, and the ferrule are in nickel silver, an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc that looks like silver.

The overall weight of this bow is 70g, which is the standard weight. As for the stick, it displays a very even density distribution. That’s why this bow is rather versatile, and thus can fit a lot of musicians.


Customise your bow

Most of the time, cream or black bow hair will be used to look like traditional horsehair. However you can always customise your hair to match your playing style or personality.

Coruss hair coloursThis fancy touch is available in a panel of colours:

  • Cream– indistinguishable from natural bowhair
  • Black– looks like the black hair from bass bows
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple



What are the advantages of the Coruss synthetic fibre

Fitting a synthetic fibre on your bow comes along with several advantages that natural horsehair doesn’t have. First, this fibre is consistent and strong. Hence its lifetime is way longer than that of high-quality horsehair. It is also more stable and completely unaffected by the changes of temperature and humidity. As for the sound, the grip is great and the response flawless. All in all, synthetic fibre sounds more powerful and bright than natural hair.


To sum up

  • New design, improved via your many feedbacks, in order to offer a more natural sound.
  • Lives up to 7 times longer than traditional bowhair, so you won’t need to change your hair as often as natural hair.
  • Completely unaffected by humidity and heat, so you don’t have to worry about the tension of your instrument.
  • All in all, the characteristics are close to that of a natural bowhair, but Coruss brings out its own personality.
  • A panel of colours that can also influence the sound!


Get to know more about Coruss synthetic fibre

Secured delivery

full-sized BAM bow tube
When your purchase a Muesing bow, I offer you a BAM tube to make sure your bow is shipped safe and sound.

To make sure your bow is delivered safe and sound, you get a BAM bow tube for your purchase. Thanks to it, your bow will be shipped with no troubles. And of course, you can use it again, for example if you should send it back to me for service or rehair.



What your violin maker thinks about the vegan Coruss viola bow

First and foremost, this bow is the first bow to be created to meet the needs of vegan musicians. Coruss respects their commitment and hasn’t used a single animal product on this bow: no leather, no abalone, no ivory, no shellac nor horsehair.

Then the Corussvegan bow displays very good performances for its price, allowing the student to work on many bowing techniques for only a fraction of the price of a wooden stick. As such, a lot of teachers whom I have worked with have recommended this bow.

Finally, if professional players need a spare bow, the Coruss vegan bow makes a great opportunity – unaffected by its environment, the stick and the hair enable you to play as you wish even in the worst conditions.

More details

Weight 500 g
Dimensions N/A




Couleur du crin

Cream, Black, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Red, Orange, Purple


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