Lefthanded Passion-Tradition violin


I offer you to order a left-handed Passion-Tradition violin. They are made for musicians who want to bow with their left hand. Since they are very complex to build, these models are almost all available on order only. The advantage is that they are made just for you according to your needs and your budget.






Guan Kaiming workshop – KMG



Beijing – China


Characteristics of a left-handed Passion-Tradition violin

A left-handed violin is exactly like a standard violin, but played the other way around. To do so, every piece has to be reversed symmetrically. Just putting the strings on in reverse won’t do. The inside of a left-handed violin has to be changed completely – without forgetting the bass barr and the soundpost, of course. Even if they are inside the soundboard, these pieces are the most important on a violin.

Not only are there differences inside the violin, but there also have to be suitable pegs and fittings – all in all, a whole setup designed as a reflection of that of a standard violin.

The main issue with left-handed violins is that it was almost impossible to find some of a suitable quality. For that, you had to call a violin-maker, which meant a longer making process as well as, as handmade production entails, way more expensive price. That’s why making the Passion-Tradition range available as left-handed violinists is really interesting. This way, you can find an instrument with a proper sound and finish – and you don’t have to spend all your money on it.


Different qualities available

Since it is a special order, you can choose between the different Passion-Tradition ranges, as you can see below (the prices are that of the “Conservatoire” setup).


KMG special series

From 2100€ including all taxes


Maître series

From 1700€ including all taxes


Artisan series

From 1200€ including all taxes


Mirecourt series

From 800€ including all taxes



What your violin maker thinks about the left-handed Passion Tradition violin

Should a musician choose to play on a left-handed violin (on the right shoulder), they have a very limited choice. Whether the violin is a most bottom-of-the-range model, or it has to be built specially by a violin maker. On the one hand, you have a violin with a fairly limited potential, and on the other hand, such an instrument is hardly affordable for any musician.

However, since Passion-Tradition has broadened its offer to left-handed instruments, special orders are now available for a fairly affordable price.

Despite the time such an order requires to be made, you are sure to receive an instrument made according to your needs only and with greater dedication to the details. Besides, I will take care of the adjustments and setup personally, so that you can bring out the best of this violin made just for you.


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