Passion-Tradition Mirecourt violin


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Discover the Passion-Tradition Mirecourt viola made by the Guan Kaiming workshop. These extremely high-quality instruments are based on the most beautiful templates that used to be built in the home of French violin-making – Mirecourt.






Passion-Tradition – Guan Kaiming workshop



Beijing – China


Characteristics of the Passion-Tradition Mirecourt viola

This series of violas is a tribute to the production of the legendary workshop in Mirecourt, France. For centuries, these affordable violins contributed to make music accessible to everyone. There are still many copies of the famous Medio-Fino or Mi-fin violin, also known as the “violin at 5 francs”. Despite their rough look and their distinctive varnish, these violins display outstanding sound, and thus have been used for generations.

Mirecourt is the home of French manufacture. For centuries, this small town in the Vosges has gained world-wide recognition for its violin-making.

What I offer you today is however very different from the instruments that used to be built in Mirecourt. Firstly, they are entirely handmade in limited series in the famous Guan Kaiming workshops. A handful of violin-makers select the spruce and maple for their sound qualities. Then they built all the parts of a violin, viola, or cello. Finally, the instruments are varnished with alcohol, in keeping with the French tradition.

Although the Mirecourt productions are the models of these violas, the Kaiming ones have a fingerboard, saddles, pegsand chinrestmade of ebony. This wasn’t always the case back at that time.


Passion-Tradition Mirecourt violin
Sizes (cm) 42, 41,5, 40, 39, 38, 36, 33, 30, 28
Models Stradivarius
Maple Siberian maple with very few flame
Spruce Siberian
Varnish New alcohol finish
Accessories Ebony
Bridge Despiau bridge *
Soundpost *** Andreas Pahler split
Strings Warchal Karneol



Why should I choose this viola?

Mirecourt instruments are the most affordable of the Guan Kaiming offer. This does not mean they are less well-made; but they are of less prestigious wood, with less lines on the surface. However, as you can see on the pictures,I always make sure to select the best copies among the whole production for you, be they with one-piece or two-piece back. So please feel free to share with me your preferences.

These instruments are way ahead of the other usual student instruments. Even professional musicians don’t hesitate to use them as spare instruments. Besides, they’re available in many sizes.


The advantages of the viola

  • Firstly, this is a handmadeinstrumentin keeping with Mirecourt tradition. Besides, it has entirely been stuck with hot glue.
  • Moreover, I personally select every instrument and only keep the best ones. Hence feel free to tell me about everything you need, so that I can find the model that suits you best. Hence feel free to tell me about everything you need, so that I can find the model that suits you best
  • Purchasing from the Kaiming manufacture, located near Beijing, also comes with a lot of advantages:
    • A very good price given the quality of the making.
    • Great taste in aesthetics and art, as shown by the savoir-faire developed with French workshops .
    • Finely worked pieces that allow the cello to express its full potential as well as to last longer.
    • A perfect stability of the instrument, since the climate is quite close to that of Europe.
  • The finish, setup, and adjustments are done by me in my workshop. They will bring out the best capacities of the instrument, in a way that respects your choices.
  • Very sought-after and renowned, this viola will keep its worth over time. Should you want to sell it in a few years, I will be glad to repurchase it from you.


Identification and label

Kaiming instruments are all labelled to avoid forgeries. That’s why they can all be tracked with a serial number that can be found inside the instrument. I will also give you an authenticity certificate that both guarantees where the viola comes from and what it is worth.

Besides, the instruments available in my store have all been selected, prepared, and set up by me. Hence they also have my label.


What your violin-maker thinks of the viola

There’s a good reason why I offer you the Passion-Tradition violas: they’re actually the best instruments I could find. During my research, I realised that no other instrument displayed such a balance between sound potential, beauty, and durability. Moreover, there’s a particular authenticity to these violins that makes me enjoy working on them. I want to convey these emotions so that you feel them too when you play on the instrument, even if it’s cheaper than others.

The Mirecourt series is indeed the most affordable one you will find in this store – and yet it is perfect to start studying on an exceptional instrument. What’s more, these violins are available in many sizes from a 4/4 to a 1/16. Hence no matter your age, every musician can enjoy playing and benefit from an unmatched sound to begin their studies.

Besides, this can also be a very good instrument for stage performers. For these particular musicians, playing conditions can be very tough, depending on the organisation(or the lack of), sound installation, andoutdoor staging. So to avoid unfortunate events, a spare viola can always be of use. Many owners have made this choice to preserve their number one musical partner!

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28cm, 30cm, 33cm, 36cm, 38,1cm, 39,5cm, 40,5cm, 41,5cm


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