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The most difficult thing about starting to learn an instrument is not music theory. Through my years of working with teachers and students, I’ve noticed the difficulty didn’t lie in learning music at all – in fact, it turns out a lot of aspiring musicians get discouraged because they do not know what instrument, bow, or accessory to choose. To help you find the ideal tools you need to get started in all peace of mind, I decided to offer you this beginner cello outfit.


Beginner cello outfit

I’ve chosen the six items of this outfit so that you can focus on music and music only.

  • First of all, a simple and efficient student cello.
  • A new set of strings.
  • A wooden bow designed specially for cello.
  • The absolutely necessary rosin, suitable for cello.
  • A case to carry and protect your instrument, the bow, and the accessories.
  • Finally, a music stand to read your scores easily.

Here is all you need to learn how to handle your instrument in total peace of mind. With the beginner violin outfit, you can focus on learning and pleasure!

Get started at any age

For a player to have a comfortable hold on a cello, the instrument has to fit their size. Hence, whether you are an adult or you’re looking for a cello for your child, you will need to choose the proper size. That’s why the cellos in my outfits are from the 4/4 size, which is the biggest model, to the 1/16 size. Besides, here’s an article to help you find out what size you need.

What your violin maker thinks about the beginner cello outfit.

Although this cello is just the basics you need to get started, it could use some improvements. They would send the playing sensation to a whole new level. To go beyond the nonetheless great performances of this child cello, you could for example replace the strings. Student Pirastro cello set of strings or Jargar Classic cello strings offer a much more interesting sound!

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1/10, 1/16, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 3/4, 4/4


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