Wittner nylon tailpiece hanger


Standard hanger for modern tailpieces


You can find the Wittner nylon tailpiece hanger on about every modern tailpiece. Very easy to install and to adjust, it quickly became the must-have to hang your tailpiece. Its performances are satisfying for most violinists, violists, and cellists.






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Characteristics of the Wittner nylon tailpiece hanger

It is a fairly simple accessory: a nylon tailpiece hanger has threads on the end of the nylon cord so that a nut can be screwed on it. Even if the finish is hidden, its quality is quite good, which makes the overall piece more durable.

Moreover, unlike its gut counterparts, this tailpiece hanger is not affected by humidity or temperature changes.


What your violin maker thinks about the Wittner nylon tailpiece hanger

Although there are a lot of low-quality imitations, this product is the most basic tailpiece hanger you can find. It fits every model, whether they are made of wood, metal, or composite material. They are also very easy to install, and do not require any tool to do so.

However since the screw threads are in nylon, the nut will come loose over time. That’s why you can secure the ends of the screws with fire, as I show you in this article. Be careful though – once the ends have been heated, you cannot adjust your tailgut anymore. Hence you will need a new hanger if you want to fiddle with the length.

Finally, keep in mind that the material needs time to stretch once you’ve installed it. The first time you put your tailgut on, the tension will pull on the tailpiece, which affects the tuning.


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Cello, Viola, Violin


1/4 – 1/16, 38 – 42cm, 4/4 – 7/8


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