Baroque violin tailpiece


A tailpiece dedicated to baroque music

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This baroque violin tailpiece perfectly fits instruments with antique setup. Made of a rather plain maple, it suits the aesthetics of that time, and looks great even on modern instruments.






Passion Tradition – KMG



Beijing – China


Characteristics of the baroque violin tailpiece

The marquetry is a three-part purfling made of marple. The notches can fit the gut silver-woven strings available everywhere. In case you want to fit thick natural strings, the notches can be widened. However the loops of the hangers are above the tailpiece, which is not compatible with modern systems. You will have to use gut cords instead (or of any other synthetic material) and knot them in the traditional style.

As you can understand, this tailpiece is more difficult to install than its modern counterparts. You need a specific gut tie, but most of all you need to browse and get information about how to proceed. I may give my own advice on the subject in a future article.

The tailpiece is available in one unique size. They also exist for violas and cellos.


What your violin maker thinks about the baroque violin tailpiece

Whether you want to change the tailpiece of your baroque violin or you wish to give a more traditional look and sound to your instrument, this tailpiece is made for you. Add gut hangers and strings, and your outfit will be right in the fashion of the baroque period! To match the style perfectly, a few edits can even be done to the soundpost or the bridge. Don’t worry, they can be undone as well.

However, if you want to go all the way through the baroque style, what you really need is to purchase a new instrument.

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