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The practice tailpiece par excellence.

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The Wittner tailpiece for viola serves as a reference in Europe and can be found on a lot of instruments. Indeed it offers many advantages: with integrated fine tuners on every string, it allows a simple and precise tuning, and is also a good balance between weight and fittings.





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Characteristics of the Wittner viola tailpiece

Far from the low-quality plastic, the “high-tech” composite material of this tailpiece makes it greatly durable. Moreover, it is lighter than its wooden or metal counterparts with the same amount of fine adjusters.

With a few tips, you will be able to install this tailpiece quite easily. However, if you ask a violin-maker to do it for you, you will be sure to have your tailpiece correctly fitted and adjusted.


Choose the right size

If the back length of your violin is between 40 and 41.5 cm, or beyond that, go for a large sized tailpiece (41.5). However if your viola is less than 40 cm, the small size will be better. And if your viola is even smaller, you should look for a violin tailpiece instead.


Match the tailpiece to your viola

The black version of this tailpiece will match the ebony of most viola fittings. However there is also a rosewood-coloured model. Very similar to the actual wood, it will match pegs and chinrests of the same tonewood. Make your choice!



What your violin maker thinks about the Wittner viola tailpiece

It is a very good product that can be found on a lot of practice violia, but also amateurs’ instruments or even sometimes that of professionals. Although the most picky musicians will argue that a wooden tailpiece with only one adjuster is always better – but for anybody else the Wittner tailpiece is just what you need.

If you have a practice instrument with four steel adjusters or one of these awful boxwood forgeries from Asia, don’t even hesitate and go for a Wittner model instead. Not only will it be easier to tune your viola, but your instrument will most likely sound better, and the table will be free from harm.

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Black, Rosewood


39,5cm, 41,5cm


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