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Both the weave and the thread of the Wittner steel tailpiece hanger are in stainless steel. This material is so dense that not only does it offer extreme toughness and durability, but it also enables the sound to go more quickly from the tailpiece to the instrument. All in all, this new Wittner product is full of promises.






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Characteristics of the Wittner steel tailpiece hanger

Since it is entirely made of metal, this tailwire is not affected by temperature changes and does not stretch. Moreover, whether you play the violin or the bass, there is no way such a tailpiece hanger comes loose. And since you do not need to secure the nuts, you can adjust the tailwire as much as you want.

High-density materials allow the sound to go quicker from the sound to the button. This means the sound is less absorbed than with other materials, thus improving the sound of the instrument.


What your violin maker thinks about Wittner tailpiece hanger

Easy to install and to maintain, this tailwire will last long enough to prove worthy of your money. Although I do not believe all the instruments and musicians can benefit from the sound improvements, the Wittner tailpiece hanger is profitable in every other aspect. Besides, the usable length can be adjusted as much as you want, without having to purchase new hangers.

Last but not least, here is a useful piece of advice if you intend to install the hanger yourself: beware that the saddle touches the flexible part only, and that it exceeds it from at least 1mm. If the stiff part touches the wood, it could have undesirable sound effects.

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Cello, double bass, Viola, Violin


38 – 42cm, 4/4 – 7/8


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