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The Bowbuddies help learning how to hold your bow, by showing beginner players where to place their fingers. Hence they ensure a correct bow hold right from the start. Teachers all around the world have adopted these tiny buddies and greatly recommend them, be it for children or adults!


Characteristics of the Bowbuddies

Meet the Bowbuddies! Also known as Bow Hold Buddies, this frogand this fishare the new friends of violinists and violists. They come in one unique size that fits both adult or child handsfrom 3 years old on.

They are of great help to place your hand and fingers. Thanks to them, the overall position of the player is more relaxed, hence avoiding tensions that are both painfulfor the body and for the ear. Besides, the Bowbuddies add a touch of weight for fuller tone without having to play stronger. Keep in mind that they do not replace contact places, but rather act as markers.

Finally, the BowBuddiesare completely built in the USA. They are made of silicone rubber, which is also used for medical devices. This means there are no latex allergy concerns, and, second, that they are extremely durable. You can even clean them in the dishwasher!

Bow hold with the Things 4 Strings fish and frog

How to use BowBuddies

These accessories prevent the thumb, the index and the pinky from moving across the stick. Once these three fingers are at the right positions, the overall bow hold is steady. Moreover, the other fingers as well as the hand and the arm are more relaxed and ready to focus on bow direction. Through muscle memory, the BowBuddiesenable you to learn correct bow hold. Once you’ve completed these tough studying, you will be free to focus on other playing aspects!





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Viola, Violin


Black, Blue, Green and gold, Plum, Rose


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