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As you may already know, instruments and bows are deeply affected by changes in humidity and temperature. The Stretto humidifier is the most simple if not the best way to preserve enough humidity inside the case of your violin or viola. To keep your instrument and its accessories in a stable atmosphere, this device spreads humidity continually.


Characteristics of the Stretto humidifier

First and foremost, this accessory is very easy to use. It is a plastic box in which goes a tiny fabric bag filled with specific crystals. They will get soaked in water and then spread it slowly in the air.

The more you use them, the less absorbent the crystals become. Hence you have to change them from time to time to keep the humidifier working. Don’t worry, spare bags are available on our online store.

At the bottom of the box is a very powerful adhesive tape to stick the humidifier onto a safe place in the case. Note that this humidifier fits in violin and viola cases – for bigger instruments, you will need the bigger model.

Besides, they’re available in several colours. You’re sure to find one matching the inside of your case!


Advantages of the Stretto humidifier

To prevent troubles due to humidity, there is no better solution than humidifiers. They help preserve the sound of your instrument as well as avoid damages. If the wood on your violin or viola gets dry, cracks can appear, and harmful vibrations can be heard at the joints. Likewise, its setup may vary, causing playability and sound issues.

For all of the above, you must be able to monitor humidity and temperature changes, especially where your instrument is located most of the time – its case.


What your violin maker thinks about the Stretto humidifier

The Stretto humidifier is very simple to use and does exactly what you’d expect it to. Besides, unlike many other humidity regulator devices, this one is not harmful. Indeed, the main risk with these tools is that water pours into the case and damages the instrument. The Stretto humidifier doesn’t have this flaw, and is worthy of praise for it.

Depending on where you live, you might not need to use it all year long. However, during winter, air humidity vanishes because of cold and central heating, so this device can prove useful. Same goes for summer when a hot wind blows. All in all, the most important thing is to keep in check the humidity inside your case. To do so, you should consider purchasing a hygrometer for your case.

And to make sure your instrument can face changes in temperature and humidity, violin blankets or string covers are also available.

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