Titanium fine tuner for violin


A very light tuner to tune your violin and improve your sound.

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A titanium fine tuner is a good way to tune any ball-end strings and, generally speaking, to improve the sound of your instrument. Indeed, this tuner is a lot lighter than a traditional tuner. Moreover, since it is made of only one part, it conducts vibration better.

Design and material

One part, titanium


2 grams


Two times lighter than standard tuners, less sound absorption

Titanium fine tuner for violin

Titanium is two times less dense than steel, hence a lot lighter. As such, a titanium fine tuner for violin adds very little mass to the tailpiece. This way, it doesn’t dampen the sound as much as a violin mute would, for instance.

Note that, due to the solidity and ductility of titanium, this tuner is very sophisticated and will last a long time.

Finally, it will barely be affected by corrosion. Since there is no gear, your tuner won’t seize up, and will keep working without any maintenance. And what’s more, titanium has hypoallergenic properties!

How to install this tuner

Before installing your tuner, you need to start by removing the previous one. Then, loosen your new tuner and make it go through the tailpiece’s notch of the corresponding string. Keep in mind that the less tuners, the better. However, if need be, you can fit up to 4 tuners on a standard tailpiece. But let’s get back to the setup: now, tighten the screw and fasten the tuner to the tailpiece. Finally, set-up the string retainer screw to activate the tool.

You can then use it as any other tuner to tighten or untighten a string precisely.


Use the titanium tuner with violas

This tuner also fits the tailpieces of some violas. However I recommend that you contact me first, so that I can try it for you.


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