Teller small Guarneri violin chinrest


This chinrest is perfect for violinists looking for a practical model with a limited contact surface. For example, children or people with small features.

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Teller small Guarneri violin chinrest is above all a smaller version than the well-known large Guarneri. In fact, it takes its name from the prestigious dynasty of violin-makers from Cremona, which immediately gives it an impressive character. Its flat and slightly lifted design fits even the smallest chins and makes it more practical than the large model. In addition, it can also be used on smaller violins.








Germany – Bubenreuth



Teller small Guarneri violin chinrest features

This chinrest is a smaller version of the famous large Guarneri. It notably has a centered mounting that tightens directly on the rib garland, goes above the tailpiece, and down to the lows of the instrument. Thus, there is no danger to warp the ribs. Moreover, since this part of the instrument doesn’t have much to do with vibrations, it doesn’t disturb the sound of the violin.

The shape is also smaller, which is probably more suitable to musicians looking for little contact with their instrument. Therefore, people with smaller jaws or children will find it better than the large model.

The chinrest weighs exactly 39 grammes, which makes it quite light compared to other models.

The shape can also be carved in one of these wood species:

  • Ebony
  • Rosewood
  • Boxwood


How to mount the chinrest

Thanks to its fixing legs, this accessory is very easy to put on or off. For that, you only need a chinrest key – which is the safest way.

How to enhance your chinrest comfort

First and foremost, a chinrest is still a piece wood. Thus, spending long hours in contact with it can be painful and even itchy. To improve your comfort, you can use the GelRest small silicone pad. It’s a simple and efficient way to improve the violin stability, the comfort on your jaw, and to avoid direct contact with the wood.


Why you should use a Teller chinrest

Joseph Teller violin accessories are born from a German tradition, halfway between ancestral savoir-faire and modern mechanisation. Still made in Bavaria, in the town of Bubenreuth, these chinrests are still made of high-quality wood. They are also characterised by their seemingly flawless finish and fittings. Therefore, even with an incredible quality, these accessories are still affordable thanks to their mechanised manufacturing method.

As for the chinrests, they offer a fixing system made of composite material which is less destructive than its steel equivalents. It is an advantage that very few clamping systems offer.


My review on Teller small Guarneri violin chinrest

Overall, I find these chinrests very appealing. Indeed, their finishing touches are far better than any of their counterparts from China or India that can be found anywhere. Of course it’s more expensive, however there are more details and the wood is finer, which prevent damage on the instrument and its sound. Indeed, the more massive the chinrests, the more likely they are to absorb vibration. It also causes other damage on the violin, such as carving the wood or the varnish.


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Ebony, Boxwood, Rosewood


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