I give you the opportunity to join my affiliate program online. It represents a good way to thank my many customers who recommend my services and products. Indeed, by joining my affiliate program, you will receive a commission on a sale when you recommend my shop or my products to people you know.


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Earn euros and discount coupons thanks to your recommendations



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Check your stats on your account at any time



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You are a blogger or an influencer? I offer a special program to professionals




Signing up for the Affiliate Program


How does the Affiliate Program work?

1. Signing up

If you still have no account on www.guillaume-kessler.com, simply create one for free. To do so, click on “My Account” in the navigation menu at the top of your screen (see image below). You will be asked to sign in or to create an account.


create an account



2. Promoting

You will find you personalised affiliate link in your affiliate account (see image below). Display it on your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, email, etc. However, remember to not use paid advertisements and to not spam this link on various fourms and comment sections. Remember to not promote our violins and other accessories on websites that are not related to music. If you do not respect the conditions, we may delete your affiliate account at any time. For more details, please read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.


find the affiliate program on my account



3. Receiving a commission

We offer to every client a commission of 3% on consumables (strings and rosins) and 5% on any instrument and accessory of the online shop.
The value of the commissions can be deducted from a future order as a discount coupon. For example, if someone purchases a €3000 violin including VAT via your affiliate link, you will receive of commission of €125. If you would like to order the same violin later, it will cost €3000 – €125, which is €2875. And for this purchase, you will receive a new commission of €119.79 that you can use again for a new purchase.

For professionals: we have a more advantageous Affiliate Program and the option to pay you after receiving an invoice. To sign up in the professional program Use the same application form further up this page and please let us know you are a professional. We will then come back to you with more details.

Our professional program is perfect for freelance music teachers, bloggers, journalists, vloggers, musicians, music shops, and influencers.

Affiliate users can easily access their affiliate sales reports via My Account > Affiliation > Dashboard