First, let me welcome you to my website. My name is Guillaume Kessler, and have worked as a luthier of string quartet instruments since 2008. Just to clarify, quartet instruments refer solely to violins, violas and cellos. On this page, I will explain this and other various aspects of my business, Guillaume Kessler – Lutherie d’Art.


Guillaume Kessler - Lutherie d'Art


I have assisted over 1,487 musicians (of all levels and ages) from 27+ countries around the world.



Every year, artisan work gains visibility on the web in spite of online retailers.



I am very receptive to new technologies, innovations and materials and am particularly keen on custom design work.


My commitment

When I first created my company, I wanted above all to provide musicians with tangible solutions. I was also eager to provide quality services to all of my clients, even those in isolated parts of the world. The idea was that by combining my expertise with openness and curiosity, I could then provide assistance to violinists, violists and cellists regardless of geographical barriers.

As a student of traditional lutherie, I didn’t initially think it would be possible to do my job from an Internet platform, especially as it is seen as a major culprit in the destruction of the profession. Despite this, I made the decision (albeit with skepticism) to defy the notions impressed upon me during my studies and launched an almost entirely online business. With time, I have come to realize that the internet is far from being a handicap; it is actually a highly useful and underrated tool for craftsmen.

Today, I realize just how many clients I have been able to assist in spite of great distances separating us. I can now say that launching an online business was an excellent choice. It has also allowed me to share insights with my readers that would normally remain within the walls of the workshop.

For this, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support.





About my workshop

When I use the term “artistic lutherie,” it is above all referring to an attempt to add a soulful touch to my instruments and services. I call my company “Lutherie d’Art,” the driving force being a spirit of constant improvement.

The core of my work is above all to offer services fully tailed to each client. After careful consideration of your needs, I then like to share exactly what I would do in your shoes. Rest assured that your needs, expectations and budget are always accounted for.

For me, it is essential to maintain a close dialogue with my clients in order to provide personalized solutions. You can find helpful tips and information on my blog and social media pages. You’re always welcome to contact me or even to visit me in my Strasbourg-based workshop.

One of the challenges has been finding ways to service your needs no matter your location. It is for this reason that I have ensured that secure shipping methods are in place for the instruments I repair, and at no additional cost to you. This includes both shipping and returns.




Lutherie d’Art team

Guillaume Kessler

Violin-maker & entrepreneur

Erica HyoWon Jang

International consultant & artist-in-residence

Eunah Kim

Violin-maker & restorer